Sunday 2 February 2020

My Top Beauty Amazon Finds

Beauty Amazon finds
At one point, Amazon was the website you’d go on to order the latest Kindle books, affordable phone cases, or dozens of Yankee Candles for half their price tag. Never would I imagine it would be one of the places I rummage through to find the best beauty bargains.

I am a long time fan of Amazon (especially Prime, oh thank goodness for Prime) and have been since 2011, where I would purchase second-hand copies of the classic, Wuthering Heights and The Bell Jar for school.

Have you ever thought to browse Amazon for beauty products? Because of their beauty selection, I have discovered new products that I swear by and religiously repurchase for a less price.

Here are a few of my favourite beauty finds from Amazon that I would recommend:

Etude House Beauty Face Blur (link)
I originally saw this product recommended under the Korean skincare section, it is highly rated for giving you that 'blurred' makeup finish whilst minimizing your pores, which I am here for. I was a bit apprehensive at first, with this being a more of a creamy texture and a brand I am unfamiliar with, but I’d go as far as to say this is one of the best, inexpensive primers I have ever tried. Whenever I use this primer, my makeup will last much longer without the need of touching up. I also find it doesn't break my skin out or bank account, which is why I have repurchased this and kept it in my makeup routine.

Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm

Sticking with the Korean skincare, Tony Moly is one of my favourite skincare brands to buy on Amazon. This product is a self-heating, blackhead removal treatment, designed to mimic the cleansing action of steam. This unique mask is perfect for giving your skin that extra moisture as well as help surface any pesky blackheads. I love using this mask; it almost feels like you are in a spa having a facial with the self-heating effect as it's so relaxing.

Moroccan Oil (link)
When Moroccan Oil was first hyped about on social media it was so hard to get a hold of, however, luckily Amazon was on the ball. I have loved/used this hair oil for years, I think it's fair to say, as I have mentioned numerous times about it on my blog. I always reach for this hair oil in the summer, especially if I want to achieve healthy-looking beach waves. This oil helps keep my hair in good condition, which I think you need especially in the summer. It also gives my hair a gorgeous shine which looks amazing with beach waves on a sunny holiday. Definitely my favourite oil for keeping my hair in amazing condition and something I'd recommend to anyone with damaged hair.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (link)
This cream is amazing and can be used for everything: chapped lips, dry knees, elbows, hands and even brows. I pop this on just before bed all over my lips and let the 8-hour magic happen. I also like carrying this in my bag with me to use before the gym to keep my lips hydrated throughout. I highly recommend this multi-use product and I am yet to come across a better balm for dry lips.

Ren Clearcalm Replenishing Gel (link)
This stuff is great if you suffer with blemishes or imperfections. I use this quite regularly as a moisturiser, before I apply my makeup if I know I'm going to be on my feet all day. This really helps with calming down the appearance of blemishes, as well as reducing the redness. I have purchased numerous bottles of this stuff since I first bought it off Amazon and can honestly say it has worked wonders on my skin.

Rose Quartz Face Roller (link)
Face rollers are amazing for helping with reducing puffiness, increasing blood flow and flushing out bad toxins in your skin. I purchased mine off Amazon for a much less of a price and although I can't compare it to an expensive one, it does exactly what it said it does. I keep mine in the fridge and use it whenever my skin is in need of some extra TLC. I can honestly say these are amazing and something I will continue to use to keep my skin in the best condition as possible.

What is your No1 beauty find off Amazon??

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  1. Amazon is amazing because there are so many options!! Although I didn't buy the face roller from Amazon, it does a lot of amazing work with giving your face a proper blood flow! Thanks for sharing your top beauty finds! Gotta browse through them more often ;).

    Nancy ♥

  2. I seriously need to get myself a face roller


  3. The Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm sounds amazing but I can't find it on amazon! Do you have a link for it?
    Chloe X

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