Friday 30 October 2020

How to Get in the Festive Spirit Despite Covid

How to Get in the Festive Spirit Despite Covid
How to Get in the Festive Spirit Despite Covid
How to Get in the Festive Spirit Despite Covid
How to Get in the Festive Spirit Despite Covid
I don't know about anybody else, but I am finding it quite difficult to get into that festive mode given everything that is going on in the world. Anyone who knows me well knows I love all things Halloween and Christmas, so for me to not feel festive is when you know something is up.

Covid won't stop me being festive, I refuse. So over the past month, I've been subtly trying to incorporate bits of festivity into my life to help boost my mood and get me feeling all cosy and excited vibes for the next couple of months.

I decided to share some of the bits I've done to help get me in the festive spirit in the hope it'll inspire others who are also struggling to feel festive, to ditch that bah humbug mood.

Go Pumpkin Picking!
I have never been pumpkin picking before, until now and it honestly sparked the festivity mood for me. It is so much fun and more fun than I had anticipated it to be. I managed to grab a few small white pumpkins for decor purposes of course, as well as the perfect orange one to carve! Which brings me onto the next way to get festive, carving/decorating pumpkins. This is also so much fun and great to do with your partner or someone you live with.

Bake Festive Treats
I love baking! Especially festive treats, now I slightly cheated with the cupcake image above as I didn't bake them, but I have baked festive treats before and it is quite therapeutic and uses up some free time. As well as this, you could use the remains of your pumpkin to make pumpkin soup, desserts or even roast it with garlic. I love scrolling through Pinterest for Halloween/Christmas food baking inspiration.

Decorate your Home
I am a sucker for buying cute decor pieces and I did not hold back on buying some festive Halloween-y bits for the house. H&M do some chic festive home decor that you could easily have out all year round. I recently purchased the pumpkin ceramic pot and it looks so modern and fits perfectly with the theme in our home. Etsy also sells cute handmaid festive pieces, things like felt pumpkin buntings or ghost-shaped wax melts, some of which make the perfect little gifts. Supermarkets are also a great inexpensive place to get gimmicky homeware. Adding little homely touches like pumpkins, candles, or flowers can set a cosy vibe which for me, is what the festive season is partly about.

Watch Cosy Films
I am slowly starting to watch more cosy films that get you all excited for the festive period. Netflix has released so many good classic horror films and has a lot of exciting Christmas films coming out soon too. I would say I will watch a scary film on Halloween but, I am too hooked on Bly Manor, though that could totally count as scary, right?

Start Christmas Shopping!
As the year has been so rubbish in terms of the C-word, I have decided to buy most of my Christmas presents for people from Etsy or other small businesses, just to do my bit where I can. I don't think I will be doing much shopping in person, it mostly will be online so I have already started and it's definitely helped make me feel more festive. As well as this, I am buying much more thoughtful gifts that will make people smile, just to take the edge off of this year.

What is your number1 tip to get in the festive spirit??


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