Wednesday 16 December 2020

Small Business: Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Etsy Stocking Fillers
2020 - what a year it's been.

We've baked, we've binge-watched, we've 60-day challenged, we've decluttered our best we can. And now we wait, wanting to end the year never having to look at banana bread again.

Since this year has been a total shocker, its no wonder everyone is feeling extra for Christmas. I decided this year, I wanted to buy most of my Christmas gifts from small businesses in the UK - just to help support them where I can. I have come across some amazing gifts that make the perfect stocking fillers, which I just had to share with you!

So without further ado, here is my small business stocking fillers gift guide, that will help support independent businesses in the UK. 

Grab your cups of tea (+maybe a pen/notepad) and enjoy!

Since moving out, I have become quite a fan of wax melts and Etsy sells so many amazing ones! I happen to have come across the bauble wax melts by chance, and I knew the second I saw them, they would make the cutest stocking filler. Just the fact they aren't sent in simple packaging but instead, are sent in cute, little baubles just screams Christmas. I would personally be happy if I received this on Christmas day. I have also managed to find some beautifully presented clementine soy wax melts which have sold out, but I have linked encase she brings them back! When I tell you these smell aaaaamazing, trust me. I can tell just from the scent that they are going to make a house smell so festive and citrusy. Again, I just thought these wax melts looked so nicely presented as gifts to add in peoples stocking and don't cost much at all. Following from melts I wanted to share this figure candle that has taken Instagram by a storm recently. Apparently, these look amazing when you burn them, but I just like it for decor purposes. Again such a simple but nice gift for someone who loves candles or decorative pieces. 

I would never think to try Etsy for skincare, but because everything on there is homemade and natural I thought it was worth checking out. I was kindly sent the Dew fresh Rose Face Mist* and I thought it was worth mentioning to check out skincare gifting on Etsy too. This came in a lovely little drawstring bag which is why it makes the perfect gift! The product itself smells amazingly fresh and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and plump! I have been using this almost every single day after I have cleansed my skin. The lovely girl who creates these also sells products for hair and body as well. Definitely worth looking into instead of buying your typical Boots 3 for 2 body set gifts.

Etsy sells some amazing plants; it is my go-to for indoor plants as they're always packaged so nicely and delivered in great condition. So, when browsing at gifts, I happen to have come across this rose quartz crystal air plant which I mean, is just next level of quirkiness. I actually bought this for myself however, it would make the perfect gift for any plant lovers or someone who likes quirky home bits. On the topic of home bits and plants, I have included this dry plant jar which I received from Urban Outfitters, but Etsy sells similar ones for less money. I thought these make the perfect gifts for any dry plant fans out there!

Let's talk quirky gifts, how adorable is the chocolate orange crochet cover?! I mean, do we need it? no. But is it cute and extra that would make someone smile? yes. I bought a few of these just to add over peoples Terry's chocolate orange, I just thought they are so unique and something you could pass down to other's over the years. 

I do enjoy gimmicky gifts and these mini marshmallow toasting kits in a matchbox are definitely that. Why would you not want a matchbox filled with marshmallows, a candle and sticks? You could pop this in your bag and be ready to toast on the go! I just again, thought this was an amazing stocking filler that would make someone smile. Businesses on Etsy are really good at creating unique gifts that not everyone would think of, and this is definitely one of those. As well as these Christmas snowman marshmallow sticks, everyone endures hot chocolates over the Christmas, so why not add to that, and gift cute marshmallow sticks. These were so inexpensive, and the lady was so lovely who makes these, highly recommend!

Do you know anyone who loves gin? then these emergency pink gin keyrings will sort them out! I have linked the generic page as the lady who I purchased this from has taken a break, but other businesses sell similar, as well as emergency rum or vodka little potions. I mean I just love the idea of this, it's so simple but again, one to make someone smile. You could wrap this onto some ribbon and tie it outside another gift as a little extra. Another little gift you could tie on the front of another present are these rainbow hanging macrame. These are lovely personalised gifts to buy for someone who loves homeware or cute decor. The lady who creates these is ao lovely as well, she is so talented!

Another reason why I love Etsy is for their personalised stationery, it's difficult to find nice stationery without paying a lot of money for it. If you know someone who loves stationery or who writes a lot in their job/school definitely look at Etsy for personalised gifting. I managed to find these Ru Paul pencils for someone who loves Ru Paul/stationery and just thought they were the perfect stocking filler. If you know someone who loves personalised gifting I would also recommend checking out my friends Etsy page, she creates so many amazing personalised gifting, from Christmas baubles to flower box frames to cake toppers. She also creates bridal party pieces which might be worth checking out in the New Year.

I could have included so many more unique stocking fillers that I would recommend but ideally, I want this post to go out before Christmas! I am happy with myself for sticking to my word and buying gifts from Etsy, I have managed to come across some amazing businesses that I will be keeping an eye out in the New Year.

Leave a comment sharing your favourite small business and lets spread the word!



  1. Lovely blog post! It's so important to support small businesses especially this year. I think everyone needs an emergency pink gin keyring x

    Steph |

  2. Love that you are supporting small businesses. I also did an Etsy gift guide and inlucded a whole bunch of different products and that's the beauty of etsy, there's so many unique gifts out there. I love the marshmallow kits, they are so cute.
    So many great ideas in this post 😊
    Lottie x

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