Monday, 30 November 2015

Toni&Guy Fluid Metal Styler

The Perfect Gift For Hair Addicts
If there is one hair product that I am most grateful for, it has got to be hair straighteners. Not that I use heat on my hair as much as I used to, but I do occasionally like to straighten or wave my hair for nice occasions or if my hair is an unflattering mess. Today's post I bring to you this beautiful Toni&Guy Limited Edition Iridescent Hair Styler*, perfect for those hair lovers this Christmas!

I have tried my fair share of hair tools over the years and Toni&Guy are definitely a brand that categorizes as one of my favourites. If you are looking for a hair tool that's adaptable and can do it all in one, then this could be for you. The Toni&Guy Fluid Styler can straighten, curl and add a lovely wave to your hair at a variety of temperatures, perfect for those with finer hair. With a temperature dial up to 230'C, this can create any style without causing any damage or breakage. I sometimes find myself in a bit of a rush so I like to turn these on to around 140'C to straighten my hair fast. I like to spritz the Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist* before I use any kind of heat on my hair, this just helps protect it from any damage.

Apart from the eye-catching, cool iridescent plates another favourite part to this tool is the automatic shut-off setting. I am always one to worry whether I have turned my straighteners off before I've left the house, thankfully I now no longer need to worry!

At £44.99 these limited edition, iridescent hair straighteners are perfect if you are or know someone who is looking for a hair tool that can do it all.
*PR Sample/gift.

Do you like the look of the Toni&Guy metal styler??

Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Favourites

November Favourites
Since it's now officially December, I can now be extremely excited for Christmas! I can't quite believe this will be my last monthly favourites post for 2015, like where has this year gone?! For today's post I decided to share with you all some of the things I have loved throughout November.

Smile Teeth Brightening Powder* - If there's a product out there that'll brighten my teeth without paying the extortionate couple of hundred pound, then I'll take it. Smile's Powder is used to remove stains, create long-lasting brightness and shine. You are to use this twice a week just before brushing your teeth for 3 to 4 minutes. I have noticed a bit of a difference but not a huge amount. I really enjoy using the product and it has a minty taste to it, not like most teeth brightening products.

NARS Dual Intensity Blusher* - I almost forgot I had this product, shameful I know, but since rediscovering this I have been using it almost every day. I like to take my blusher brush and swirl it into both shades and then apply onto my cheeks. This leaves me with a lovely pink shade with a little glow on top. This is so long lasting and easy to apply, however you only need a little amount as it is quite pigmented. But hey a little goes a long way!

Seventeen Eye Crayon - I received a set of Seventeen Eye Crayons last Christmas and have been using this one in particular these last couple of weeks. A little bit like the NYX eye crayons, you glide this over your lid and blend to your satisfaction. It doesn't last a great deal of time, but I like to wear this if I am nipping out for an hour or two and wanting a festive, sparkle on my lid. Such beautiful, bold colours definitely check them out!

Matey Bubble Bath - I am like a 5 year old I know, but this bubble bath always reminds me of my childhood, plus it smells yummy! Since winter is upon us I have been taking a lot more bubbly baths and Matey is the product I reach out for. What I like about this bottle is a little goes a long way, this bubble bath lasts me such a long time but gives me amazing bubbles! There's not much more to say other than I love it!

The White Company 'winter' Candle - I have been burning this candle throughout November and it is still near the top of the glass! This candle is so long lasting and gives my room an incredible Christmas scent. It's like winter in a candle, with the smell of cinnamon and other sweet scents, this candle is so strong you can smell it just by coming up the stairs and into my room. I really like these candles and definitely think they are worth the money.

Nutrii* - I have never heard of the brand Nutrii before but, to make things clearer these are fruit flavoured yogurts that are nutritious and healthy. I really liked the flavour of these, they don't taste artificial at all, you can really taste the goodness. What I like most about these is they contain around 20g of protein, which is pretty good if you are trying to keep fit. Personally I loved these and would happily have one every day as they are quite satisfyingly filling!

What have you loved in November??

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Festive Yankee Candles

Festive Yankee Candles
Festive Yankee Candles
What is Christmas without some festive candles? I personally think Yankee Candles make the perfect gifts for someone or to treat yourself to get you in the festive spirit. I always stock up on festive flavours near Christmas because winter is all about comfort and being toasty. Today I wanted to share with you all some festive Yankee Candles I received from Lovearoma.

Love Aroma is a specialist home fragrance retailer, bringing together a collection of famous brands from across the globe. Offering over 60 fragrances from the market-leading brand famous for true-to-life fragrances and its iconic house-warmer jar candles. With a variety of home fragrances with a fantastic selection of gift sets including little stocking fillers for under £10 and a Yankee Candle advent calendar. KEEP YOUR EYES PEALED FOR BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.

I received the Yankee Candle Christmas 5 Voltive Gift set which is at £8.99 at the moment. Including Cosy By The Fire, Christmas Cookie, Bundle Up,Winter Glow and Berry Trifle. All of which smell so festive and really excite me for Christmas! This set of 5 is a perfect gift to someone who loves candles or, you could even open the box and individually give a couple to certain loved ones. As well as these lovely scents I received a Winter Voltive Holder with a design of a snowflake on the front. This is perfect for both samplers and tealights and with create a festive feel wherever you place it.

Cosy By The Fire is new from Yankee Candle, with a warm mix of ginger, clove and orange combined with woody notes to give the snap of a crackling fire and the comfort of a hot and aromatic drink beside it. I love any warm, woody scents around Christmas as they definitely have a relaxing smell to them and are perfect to light when you're sat with a hot drink. Christmas Cookie is definitely a one to have if you love the smell of rich sweet, sugary scents. With buttery rich, vanilla scented and holiday sugar cookies, this candle will definitely give you the urge to bake some Christmas cookies. Whenever I burn this candle I always feel very happy, the smell has such a sweet, pleasant scent to it.

Bundle Up is a hard one to describe, it is a lot more subtle than the other candles and has a very calm scent to it. With a touch of citrus add the crispness of cool powdered snow to layer of fresh linen. It definitely has a fresh smell to it, but if you prefer subtle scents this is a one I would try. Winter Glow has a much more of a mature, fresh scent to it. With a crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees in the cool air, all warmed by golden amber sun rays. I like to light this candle in large open rooms like my living room or a bathroom. It has a lovely fresh scent to it with a hint of Christmas!

Berry Trifle is another new Christmas scent from Yankee Candle. With the mouth-watering fragrance of fresh berries, tangy and sharp, nested on a white bed of soft vanilla cream. Out of them all this one is my favourite, it has a such a sharp scent to it that smells delicious. It's a scent I would love to come home to 
*PR Sample/gift.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle Christmas scent??

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

16 Ways To Get In The Festive Spirit

How To Get In The Festive Spirit
It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas and pretty much the whole of December. The excitement when you buy or receive a gift, the quality time you get with family, oh and let's not forget the delicious dinner that leaves me looking like Santa Claus. It would be nice if we could have a white Christmas this year, fingers crossed! Today's post is all about getting into the festive spirit, sometimes if you are working or studying your butts off it can be hard to find time to feel festive. 

So here are some simple things to do to get you feeling festive!

1. Bake some cookies and cut them into Christmas trees and stars
2. Buy Christmas scented candles and cover your room in them
3. Create a Christmas playlist and listen to it when working, travelling, cleaning etc!
4. Go to a lights display with some friends or family
5. Watch Disney's 'Christmas Carol' film
6. Roast some marshmallows or chestnuts 
7. Buy a new Christmas tree decoration that is meaningful
9. Go on a frosty walk and hunt down some pinecorns to display in your house for deco
10. Wrap up in layers and go ice skating
11. Buy the tattiest, Christmassy jumper you can find
12. Buy some jam jars and fill them with tealights going up your stairs
13. Go for a chai latte from Costa, you won't regret it!
14. Have a festive bubbly bath with some candles
15. Write your Christmas list
16. Plan your New Years Resolutions in advance 

I hope some of these simple, festive activities to do over Christmas get you in the festive mood and comment below what you like to do to get in the spirit!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

For When You Feel Down In The Dumps

For When You Feel Down In The Dumps
So you've woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you accidentally pour out of date milk onto your Cocopops and you discover a stain on your favourite jeans, could things get any worse? I decided to write a blog post today on products I like to use that really help turn that frown upside down and cheer me up without instantly turning to a calorific chocolate cake.

I personally don't think there is anything nicer than making yourself a good cup of tea if you are feeling down in the dumps. At the moment I have been trying some sample teas from a tea box brand called Teatime*. I have been drinking a flavour called Lemune Superboost every morning and I instantly feel more motivated and prepared for the day. Another favourite is Jasmine Pearl Zen, which is nice to drink to unwind with after a long stressful day, as it detoxes and relaxes you. I definitely recommend these teas if you are a tea-aholic like myself, plus who wouldn't want sent tea in the post?! 

Whilst sipping my cuppa I like to light some candles and since it is the festive season I am currently burning a Kiss Air Candle*, in the scent Christmas Tree. This scent is incredible and makes my room smells so fresh and festive! These candles last such a long time too, you definitely get your value for money. 

I have my cuppa and candles lit what now? A good old soak in the tub. I like to relax in the bath with some products, at the moment I am using the Natural Clay Facial Mask by Maple Holistics*. This mask really helps absorb and removes any impurities from my skin, as well as adds a nice healthy glow. This little pot has lasted me a good few month now, a little goes a long way! If I am feeling really down I like to add some tan to my body, just to brighten up my colour. So I exfoliate my skin with the Soap&Glory Breakfast Scrub and then apply my Dove Dermaspa Body Lotion* to add a pop of colour and glow to my skin. This product really does add a nice healthy glow to my skin and instantly helps boost my mood, weird huh?

If I have to go out I like to wear makeup that'll really help boost my mood, so of course a classic red is a must. I tend to wear my Chanel Hydrating Lipstick* and this instantly brightens my whole face. I do think makeup can help cheer your mood up and get you feeling motivated. As well as this I like to use a good highlighter to match my healthy glowing tan. I am currently using the No.7 Highlighting Stick and this gives my skin amazing thick coverage which is perfect to use in winter for that photograph shine. 

What are your 'down in the dump' pick me ups??

Friday, 20 November 2015

Print Your Snaps With Cheerz

Print Your Snaps With Cheerz
Print Your Snaps With Cheerz
I take a lot of photographs, to the point where I have countless snapshots of memories stashed on my little Samsung Galaxy. I love preserving memories and covering Instagram with pretty photos I've took, however I find having the photographs to hand or on your bedroom wall have much more of a touching feel. Therefore I was super excited to hear about Cheerz*
Print Your Snaps With Cheerz
Cheerz is an online/app that allows you to print your snaps in a variety of ways including Craft Sets, Scrapbook, Photo Booth Style Strips, Polaroids, Magnets, Frames and other unique boxes that are perfect as a Christmas giftOrdering couldn't be any easier on their website, you can upload straight from your desktop/laptop or even grab your snaps from social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook. As well as this you are able to edit your photographs with some filters and text, to personalize your prints.

I had chose the Photo Booth Style Prints and the La Boite Craft Box because I have always wanted to decorate my room more with some memories. These arrived within a couple of days and I was straight away glamorizing my bedroom up. The print quality is remarkable and look a lot like the Polaroid style. The craft box is definitely good value for money as it includes 40 glossy prints, 24 photo corners to stick up your prints, coloured string, colourful cello-tape, wooden pegs and 2 decorative envelopes, perfect to give as a gift to someone. 

With this box you are able to hang your photographs across some string, stick them with pretty tape to your walls, create a scrapbook or even pop them into frames! 
I personally love the idea behind Cheerz and I think this is a great way to preserve and visually see your memories. A lot of these products would make a great gift to someone this Christmas, which is why I have a £4 discount off using the code: KAT2JE

*PR Sample/gift.
Do you love preserving your photographs too??

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

5 Beauty Secrets You Won't Know

5 Beauty Secrets You Want To Know
I am always on the look out for some simple, easy tips and tricks that'll benefit my beauty regime hugely. I have been doing some digging on the world wide web recently to find some beauty secrets that I haven't heard of before, which I have decided to share with you all.

1. Coconut Oil As A Makeup Remover - You can use coconut oil as a makeup remover which will save you a bit of money. This works amazingly if you wear a lot of eye makeup. The oil is so soft and gentle it'll leave your eyes feeling moisturized and brighter.

2. Perfume Lasts Longer With Vaseline - If you apply Vaseline on your wrists, neck etc before spraying your favourite perfume, this will make the scent last longer throughout the day. Perfect for those long days out!

3. Draw The Number 3 To Contour - When you contour your cheekbones always work by drawing the number 3. By drawing from outer side of your forehead, moving into your cheekbones and at your jaw. Also when highlighting do a reversed 3 above the brow and cheekbone. This adds such a classic definition to your face.

4. Natural Yogurt is Amazing For Dry Skin - If you suffer with dry skin perhaps pick up some natural yogurt at your supermarket and apply it to dry skin and leave for 20/30 minutes before rinsing off with water. I used to do this all the time when I had dry skin and it always leaves your skin feeling silky soft and hydrated,

5. Keep Nail Polish In Fridge - If you keep your polish in the fridge it lasts longer and goes on a lot more smoother! Yay to not having to throw them out as quickly.

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What are your beauty secrets/tips??

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Thoughts On Vichy Products

My Thoughts On Vichy Products
Vichy is one of those skincare brands I always like the sound of but I never think to go over to a counter and explore - not entirely sure why. Autumn and Winter are the two seasons I up my skincare game and try a variety of products to help keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh. 

Today I am going to be talking about how I got on with two products by the brand Vichy and whether I would purchase from them in the future.

Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel | This cleansing gel is an optimised formula for all skin types. The foamy gel consistency leaves your skin feeling fresh, pampered and extremely soft. I have ditched my La Roche-Posay Cleansing Gel and replaced it by using another. So far I have really enjoyed using this cleansing gel, as it leaves my skin feel so fresh and clean. Compared to my LRP cleanser this one doesn't have as strong of a scent, if anything this smells very clean and refreshing. I don't think it does anything with regards to imperfections and oiliness but, it is a nice cleanser to have if you have good skin days.

Vichy Purete Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil | This cleansing micellar oil removes even the toughest of make-up and is suitable for all skin types. This lightweight, effective and non-greasy oil ensures that both oily and dry skin types will benefit from its clarifying care. I have tried micellar waters before but never a micellar oil, so this one really intrigued me. I was a bit apprehensive to apply an oil to my face for removing my make-up, but I gave it a try. This product lives to its expectations it really does remove all traces of make-up and leaves your skin feeling incredibly fresh and clean. I have actually ditched my micellar water for this and I feel as though this moisturizes my skin as well, whereas micellar waters only ever removed make-up.

Overall I am really impressed with both of these products, I would happily purchase the cleansing micellar oil again as I feel as though this really benefited my skin. I don't think I would pick up the cleansing gel as my skin needs a bit more TLC on those imperfections in the winter. I am really impressed with the brand Vichy and whenever I pop into a beauty store I will be heading over to Vichy.

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried Vichy products before??

Sunday, 15 November 2015

6 Products Worth The Splurge

Products worth the splurge
There is something oh-so special and exhilarating about indulging on a bit of high end makeup. But what is more exhilarating is when the product turns out to be amazing, you want to include it millions of blog posts you almost forget about paying the overblown price tag. Today I wanted to share with you all some of my top makeup products that I think are totally worth the splurge.

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eye Palette | Call me vain but there has been several times in the past I have purchased an expensive product down to being too darn pretty 'cough cough' I am talking about you Charlotte Tilbury. This palette is totally worth the price tag as the consistency is out of this world. The product itself is a lot more creamy and shimmery than the likes of the Naked palettes. They are so easy to blend out and will look perfect for upcoming wintry parties, especially the twinkly gold shade!

YSL Volupte Shine No.8 | This is a lipstick I definitely don't regret paying the price for. I asked for a shade that was suitable for everyday wear that added a bit of 'your lips but better' and this is that. This has touches of pink, nude and a tiny bit of purple so the colour is perfect for all occasions. It is very moisturizing which I absolutely love because a few hours later my lips are still moisturized. The packaging is gorgeous, definitely a product that ticks all the boxes for me!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | I can't really fault this product - if you are more on the dry skin side I wouldn't recommend this as the foundation picks up those areas dramatically. It has amazing coverage which is build-able and you only need a tiny amount of this too, so great value for money. It is very long lasting and looks nice and healthy throughout the day. If you are looking for something with high coverage that is long lasting then definitely give this foundation a try, I would be lost without this as it totally wakes my face up and covers any imperfections, without having to turn to concealer!

Too Faced Blushing Heart | Makeup Revolution have similar versions to the Too Faced Blushing Hearts, but personally I think these work best for me. For starters they are incredibly pigmented which means the product is going to last me a very long time. When all 3 shades are mixed together it creates a very healthy, shimmery look that lasts throughout the day. I would really recommend these blushers if you like a pop of colour on your cheeks that also adds a bit of a glow.

By Terry Waterproof Kohl Pencil | I am not big when it comes to eyeliner but I do think purchasing a more expensive product helps get the job done a lot more effectively. I have never been able to master eyeliner quite well but this pencil really helps make it easier. It glides on my eyelids so smoothly and lasts such a long time without smudging! I really like the consistency of By Terry pencils so I would definitely splurge on another.

Nars Lip Pencils | These are more like chubby sticks rather than lip pencils, for me lip pencils fill the outer frame of your lips whereas these are used for all over. NARS lip pencils are the most creamy, long lasting and easy to apply lip products I have ever come across. I absolutely love these products and I cannot recommend them enough, despite having to sharpen them they really do brighten your lips all day long.

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What products are you glad you splurged on??

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

9 Simple Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Ways to use coconut oil
We all have a bathroom cabinet stashed with trustworthy, emergency products like Sudocream and Vaseline as they essentially save the day for all kinds of situations. I think we should add another to our cabinets, say hello to Coconut Oil. This has quickly become one of my favourite multipurpose products and I can totally see why everyone recommends it. 

Today I wanted to share with you all some simple ways you can use Coconut Oil and believe me these aren't even all of them!

1. Makeup Remover - This works brilliantly if you wear a lot of eye makeup, the oil is so soft and gentle. It leaves your eyes feeling moisturized as well as cleaner!

2. Cuticle Softener - Coconut Oil can make your nails stronger and healthier which is perfect for people like me who don't go to extreme effort to take care of nails...

3. Shaving Cream - If you semi-melt this product it can be used as an alternative to shaving cream. This is amazing as I absolutely hate buying shaving cream, that stuff is pricey.

4. Eye Cream - A good eye cream is also pricey so why not use a dab of this under your eyes. This will make your eyes feel moisturized which is perfect for the colder months!

5. Scrub - Running low on exfoliator? Grab some sugar or salt and mix together to create your own body scrub and wallah! 

6. Teeth Whitening - Mix with baking soda and you will have such a white smile!

7. Body Lotion - Rub all over your body as a substitute to body lotions, I like to use this on the more drier areas: knee caps, elbows etc

8. Frizz Tamer - Rub a 5p size in your hands and smooth on the ends of your hair for frizz-free hair! (Also adds a healthy shine!)

9. Soothe Dry Hands - Winter is the worst time for getting dry hands, rub coconut oil into your hands and they will be nice a smooth!

And those are just the start of what you can do with coconut oil!

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What ways do you use Coconut Oil?? 

Christmas Gift Idea For Chocaholics

Doisy & Dam Chocolate
Doisy & Dam Chocolate
Whenever I have had a rough day, feel a little stressed or even just fancy treating myself I every so often like to indulge into a scrumptious, gigantic bar of chocolate - if we rule out cake that is. I wouldn't say I was a chocoholic nor would I say I eat chocolate on a weekly basis but lately I have been having a bit of a craving for dark chocolate, which believe it or not is essentially better for you out of milk and white chocolate, listen to me justifying myself eating chocolate.

Doisy & Dam* £1.75 40g bar and £3.50 100g bar

Doisy & Dam is the fresh, new kid on the chocolate-block with innovative flavours packed with natures most scrumptious super-foods. Not only does the inventive use of super-foods create interesting taste and an enhanced nutritional profiles, the textures of the berries, seeds and spices used in each bar lend a uniquely arresting texture. And that isn't the best part every bar is totally vegan and gluten free!

Dark chocolate is a great superfood as it can help lower blood pressure levels and is full of antioxidants to help fight free radicals, so no nasties. These imitable flavours really got me probing as to what they taste like as I have never came across such interesting flavoured chocolate before!

I was kindly sent five yummy flavours to try in these appealing, colourful boxes which looked very pictur-esc. I received two 100g bars in the flavours Coconut & Lucuma and Mulberries, Chia Seeds & Spirilina. I also received three 40g bars in the flavours Maca, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs, Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hempseed and Goji & Orange.

I definitely think these chocolate bars are for people who are really into eating healthier or like superfoods. So if like me you enjoy a good Dairy Milk Caramel you might twist your face at these. I did give them all a try the Goji & Orange one being my favourite and the Coconut & Lucuma being my least. They all have a very unique, special taste to them which makes the overall brand inimitable. 

I think these will make lovely gifts to someone this Christmas! I definitely think these are worth trying if you are really into your flavoured chocolate. Personally these wouldn't be my first choice if I was to be stood down Tesco's sweet aisle but they were something different to try and I actually really enjoyed them.

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried Doisy & Dam chocolate before??

Sunday, 8 November 2015

My Autumn Comforts

My Autumn Comforts
We all have those autumnal comforts - whether it's cosying up in knitted socks with a hot chocolate, relaxing in a hot, bubbly bath whilst reading a good book or kicking around the crispy, golden leaves flashing your new ankle boots. One of my favourite things about Autumn is taking more care of my skin, I always up my skin and hair care game as I find those areas needs a lot more TLC than any other time.

Here are My Autumn Comforts that I always turn to no matter what.

Jurlique Recovery Eye Cream | This product has been a lifesaver on my eyes, especially since the clocks have gone back I find my eyes need more TLC. I use this every evening before bed and wake up with fresh, healthy and moisturized eyes!

Dove Derma Spa Intense Hand Cream | Hand creams are a handbag staple during the colder months. This little beauty comes everywhere with me, I absolutely love everything about it. The scent is very rosy and my hands are always left feeling super moisturized without any grease or oiliness. Plus this hand cream is so inexpensive to pick up!

Grow Gorgeous Overnight Hair Mask | I always up up my hair mask game in the colder months. I will use a hair mask once or twice a week just to fully give my hair a lot of condition and moisture. This mask is a little different to what I usually use, instead of washing the mask off 20 minutes later, you leave it on over night. I was skeptical about this at first but the results are incredible, my hair never looked so hydrated, shiny and fresh.

Dove Uplifted Body Oil | I don't often like using creams as much during the colder months, I much prefer body oils. I love this one in particular as it always leaves my skin feeling radiant, smooth and incredibly moisturized. If you rub this in-between your hands the oil warms up, which is perfect to apply if you are cold and it makes a great pamper product!

Jurlique Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask | I don't think I've ever tried a gel mask before, but this one has really worked it's magic on my skin. It contains tiny beads which exfoliate my skin as well as moisturizes. My skin is always left feeling so soft and if I have any redness this mask calms those areas down.

Dove Uplifted Spa Body Roll-On | I have never been a huge fan of moisturizing my body, I sometimes find it a bit of a chore. So when I don't want to use my body oil I like to use this roll on body product. What I like about this is you massage the product in a circular motion using the rollerballs on the end of the roll-on. This releases a silky satin gel that smells lovely and leaves your skin feeling so healthy and the massage of the rollerballs really relaxes you.

The White Company Winter Candle | Candles are a must when it comes to comforts, even though this has nothing to do with my skincare I had to include it. This candle really excites me for the colder months, it smells like cinnamon which makes me think of Christmas. I am already burning this candle purely because it is relaxing and when I pamper myself it is always nice to have a candle on the go!
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What are your Autumn comforts??

Friday, 6 November 2015

Appleyard London Autumn Flowers

Appleyard London Flowers
Appleyard London Flowers
Flowers are one of those special gifts that I love receiving and giving, but I also think make a house feel more homey. Today I am going to introduce something new and exciting to my blog and that is Appleyard London Flowers. 

I was straight away drawn to Appleyard London Rose Envy Bouquet, which is a beautiful mix of versilia roses, memory lane roses and deep red roses nestled between glossy red berries and blue veronica. 

They arrived on next day delivery and I was a little worried about how they would get delivered. They were boxed beautifully and securely in a huge box (which my cat claimed her new home). The bouquet is stunning and the choice in colours make the perfect Autumnal flowers that fill the room.

Even though these flowers are beautiful and smell incredible, I don't think I would pay £41.00 for some personally, as this bouquet lasted just over a week then they died out. For someone who truly appreciates and loves flowers, these will make the perfect celebratory gift. And speaking of celebratory gifts Appleyard London have now launched their Christmas Flowers and Hampers, which will make the perfect gift to someone who loves flowers.

I overall think Appleyard are a beautiful brand that deliver the most stunning bouquets that look very personal and unique. Their prices range from £22 upwards, and you are able to choose the size of the bouquet you wish. If any of you are thinking about purchasing these beautiful flowers to brighten someones day,  I have a discount: BLOG33. This will entitle you to 33% off their luxury bouquets
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What is your favourite bouquet of flowers??

Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Daily Beauty Supplements

My Daily Beauty Supplements
My Daily Beauty Supplements
I am one of those people who's always on the lookout for effortless ways to achieve healthier skin, hair and general well-being - without the time consumption. For today's post I wanted to share with you all my current daily beauty supplements that I do believe have created such a difference to my overall health.

Fountain Hair Molecule | Or I like to call it hair medicine as you essentially consume this as though you were taking medicine for your hair to cure it. You take two teaspoons of this hair molecule every single day, I like to take it as soon as I wake up. The taste is quite sweet like a berry and easy to consume alone, or mixed in a drink if you wish. This beauty supplement helps to stimulate the growth of your hair, leaving your tresses looking and feeling stronger and healthier. As well as hydrating your scalp to achieve rapid hair growth, this hair medicine also encourages helping nails grow too, which believe me is a big deal as I am useless with my nails. I have been consuming this in my diet almost every day now and despite having my haircut not long ago I am already seeing a difference in the length of my hair. Not sure if this is all in my head quite literally, but I do notice a difference in the overall length, feel and look to my hair.

ZV Time Defying Tablets (Pink) | These beauty supplements are skin tablets that help contribute to normal formation of Collagen, meaning they'll help your skin to look fresh and plump. They are proved to leave your skin softer, smoother and firmer reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You are to take 2 of these per day, I personally only take 1 a day as I am already consuming other supplements. Even though I am only 21 and my skin is still youthful, I do like to take supplements that could benefit me long-term. But hey let's hope I don't get wrinkles anytime soon!

Complete Hair, skin & Nails (orange) | These are great for 3 parts of your body, which is already selling it for me. I am quite lazy when it comes to nails and I have to admit since taking these and the hair molecule my nails are looking a lot stronger and growing quicker. Same goes with my hair too, I think consuming both products together is really making a difference to my hair. I am yet to notice a difference to my skin though, which isn't surprising as my skin does seem to take a lot longer to notice any changes.

A-Z Multivitamins & Minerals (red) | I have tried multivitamins before from Boots but once I had ran out and stopped taking them I was noticing I was getting headaches, weird huh? Not sure if these were helping but I am hoping so. Zipvit's multivitamin & minerals support normal function of the nervous system (vitamin B6), normal function of the immune system (vitamin B12, iron), whilst also contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Other benefits include the support of normal muscle function, bones, teeth, hair skin and nails. A lot of benefits for such a tiny supplement. I have definitely noticed a difference in taking 1 of these vitamins a day. I don't feel as tired or get as many headaches as much. I personally love these vitamins!

Overall, I definitely think taking beauty supplements everyday can make such an easy, effortless change to your overall health. As I previously mentioned I can be quite lazy when it comes to my nails especially so taking a vitamin everyday really does make a difference, rather than applying creams and other products to them.
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Do you take any beauty supplements??

Monday, 2 November 2015

Beauty Haul From Cosme-De

Beauty Haul From COSME-DE
Beauty Haul From COSME-DE
Hello lovelies I hope you are having a good week so far and are happy that it is one more month until Christmas! For today's post I want to talk about one of my favourite online beauty stores at the moment: COSME-DE

When it's Autumn/Winter I find I rely a little bit more on online shopping, why? I want to avoid the mad rush around town and I want to be sat in my pajamas mostly throughout winter drinking a hot chocolate. I know I will be using COSME-DE for online gifts this year, as they have literally everything beauty related! Makeup, haircare, skincare, fragrances, organic bits and even gifts for men! I think this website is perfect for any beauty fanatics like myself or to treat someone you know this Christmas.

They are always selling weekly deals, discounts and some amazing staples from brands we have all lusted over, cough cough talking about you NARS. Everything is genuine and all the products are freshly sold, which is what I like about this company, because a lot of websites don't mention that and it's very important.

The delivery didn't take that long to arrive either which was great and I was thrilled when the postman dropped the parcel off. The first product I received was a Tangle Teezer for damp, tangled hair. I have been using this instead of the original TT and so far I can definitely see a difference. It is a quirky looking thing to hold and brush through your hair but my hair does feel a lot less tangled when I use this. Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite scents and these little perfume sample sized bottles are perfect for trying out or as a gift to someone you know. I pop one of these in my handbag and they always come in handy on the go. I am considering getting some for my mam this Christmas too!

The YSL Touche Eclat has been on my wishlist for countless years now so I was thrilled to finally be able to get my hands on it. As it stands I am still not entirely sure whether I like this product or not, perhaps I am using it wrong so I will have to do some research on how it works. The final beauty item I received was the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and so far I cannot seem to stop using them. They make such a dramatic difference to my lashes! Who needs 3 coats of mascara now?!

I would definitely recommend buying your Christmas beauty stash from COSME-DE this year. The customer service is incredibly lovely and you aren't waiting a huge amount of time for your order either!

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Have you shopped at COSME-DE before??

Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites

October Favourites
I am over the moon that it is finally Autumn! Once the season changes and the weather start's to get a lot more colder, I've noticed that I end up experimenting with a lot more products. Is this just me? It is near the end of October and I've realised that I have a lot of favourite products that I have been using this month, therefore I thought, hey let's blog what I've loved throughout October! 

So grab your cups of tea and enjoy.

Bio True Eye Drops* | Even though eye drops really intimidate me, I've recently suffered with itchy, dry eyes. I have been using these drops to help get rid of this and believe it or not it has! I am still waiting to get a winter cold therefore when I do I will be using this again, as the results were very quick.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers* | Eyelash curlers are one of those products I tend to forget I have, however since having these Shu Uemura curlers in my collection I haven't been able to stop using them. These really open up my lashes and stop any clump-age from any mascara I use. I feel as though this product really brightens my eyes up and makes me look a lot more awake.

Tweezerman* | When it comes to brows I like to try and pluck them myself to avoid going getting them done professionally as often. These tweezers come with a lovely little mirror which is perfect for really being able to see any strays. The tweezers are amazing for plucking and I've noticed they make it a lot more pain-free!

Invisibobbles | I always like to use these bobbles whether I've plaited or put my hair in a ponytail. They have really good grip and don't leave your hair with that annoying bump when you've pulled your ponytail out. The best part about these is they don't break, damage or rip your hair out. I highly recommend them!

Pompom Bobble | Are you seeing a theme here? I've been decorating up my ponytails a bit more by adding some cute bobbles to my hair. Pompoms are so adorable and stylish at the moment therefore I couldn't resist when I saw this in H&M. This just adds a touch to a simple ponytail but looks super cute.

Navy Blue Pumps | I've been really getting into the Autumnal vibe recently, so I thought to ditch the plain black pumps and wear some navy blue ones. These are from Primark and are incredibly cosy! What I like about these shoes is they have a touch of class to them with the pointed tip and the gold outline at the front of the shoe. They are perfect to be dressed up and down.

Marble Notebook* | All you marble crazy bloggers will love this notebook. I have been using this to write down any blog post ideas I have or any posts that need to be created. I love this notebook, I don't think the photo does its justice. Uniqfind have some stunning ceramic, texture printed cases definitely check them out.

TV | I have been watching a variety of TV series on Netflix recently two favourites of mine are Once Upon A Time and Narcos. I will be creating a Top Shows On Netflix post very soon, but this month I have been obsessed with both of these shows. Definitely check them out. 

What have you loved through October?? 


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