Monday, 5 December 2016

Getting Into The Festive Spirit

Getting Into The Festive Spirit
I don't know about anyone else, but this year I'm not really feeling as Christmassy as I'd like to be. This time of the year is hectic and stressful with deadlines, work, present buying and whatnot, so it's often quite difficult to feel prepared for all the festiveness. I've recently been doing simple things to get me into the festive spirit and shake off the bah-humbug attitude and decided to share them with those of you who aren't feeling it this year too.

1. Baking | Whether it's baking shortbread shaped stars or building your own gingerbread house, it definitely helps to get you in the festive spirit. Pop a Christmas playlist on the background, maybe grab an extra pair of hands and spend a cold afternoon baking delicious treats.

2. Christmas Movies | Netflix has a few I believe and I know some channels are starting to pop some on, but watching a Christmas film can definitely get you in the mood. Some of my personal favourites are Disney's Christmas Carol, The Polar Express and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Can you tell I like animated movies?

3. Change Makeup | Guys probably won't follow this tip so much, but for those beauty addicts simply swapping your lipstick to red or purple and your matte eyeshadows to glitter, can really help. I always like to change my makeup routine up every now and then, plus this is the perfect time of year to be able to go bold with makeup.

4. Visit Markets | There are loads of festive markets on at the moment, so it is worth checking some out and stuffing your face with burgers and churros. I love markets at this time of year you find some really quirky gift ideas too.

5. Games | Christmas is all to do with family and spending time with loved ones, so what better way to bond then playing some games? I have a puzzle book from The Range, filled with Christmas crosswords, word-searches, Sudoku and colouring in. These are great for relaxing as well if you are feeling overwhelmed with Christmas shopping.

6. Ice Skating | Not much of a skater myself, but it is good fun to wrap up in hat, gloves and scarf and go ice skating with a couple of friends.

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What have you done to get into the festive spirit??

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers
Can we all just take a moment to let it sink in that Christmas is only 4 weeks away, like what on earth? Panic mode is setting in now. This year I seem to have brushed Christmas shopping aside, thinking I've got loads of time and it's only until my friends and family have almost finished, that I realized, shit.

I presume 90% of you who've clicked on this post are in need of some Christmas inspiration, so I've created a little gift guide for those beauty fanatics you have in your life.

Skincare Sets
Skincare sets aren't for every beauty lover, but if you know someone who really cherishes taking care of their skin then why not? Brands such as LUSH, Kiehls, Clinique, Elemis, Origins all do amazing gift sets that save you so much money. I've picked up The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish from Boots, which comes in this cute pouch along with two Muslim cloths retailing at £15.50. Everyone either wants or has C&P and I think this little beauty would make a lot of girls very happy, plus it's used by women of all ages, so perfect for your mums, sisters etc.

If you know someone who is looking to start out with makeup or who just wants to add to their collection, then here are a couple of bits worth checking out. Boots currently sell a set of four Sleek Mini Matte Me Lip Liquid Lipsticks for £5.00 and considering one full sized would cost you the same price, it's worth picking up and saving £15. Could even split them up and pop each one in a stocking. I bought this for myself (don't judge me) but I thought it was a bargain worth mentioning. Other makeup brands to look into with great sets are Benefit, NARS, Makeup Revolution and Too Faced.

If you are buying for the more mature women the Lipstick & Powder Compact Duo by Joan Collins* is worth checking out. This compact comes with a cute powder with sponge applicator, a lipstick of your choice and a mirror, perfect little handbag compact. The packaging looks very elegant and luxurious, I just think this would make the perfect little stocking filler.

Toni&Guy do some amazing deals around Christmas on their hair electrics and one that looks incredible is the Toni&Guy Limited Edition Illusions Styler* retailing at £40.49 at the moment at Boots and was £90! This styler is perfect for not only straightening, hair but curling, and waving too, so if you know someone who is in need of a brand new all in one hair styler definitely check this amazing bargain out. Other haircare brands to check out with amazing deals on are Bumble&Bumble, Tigi and Moroccan Oil.

Brands such as Soap&Glory, LUSH and Dove always stock some amazing Christmas gift sets for pampering your body and are so affordable and easy gifts for people. I've thought outside the box and included a Coffee Body Scrub by the brand Grounded available at Boots. These coffee scrubs have been popping up everywhere on social media this year and I figured they would make a lovely little gift for someone you know who enjoys pampering. If you are wanting something more luxurious Laura Mercier do some amazing gift sets for pampering.

Something a bit more affordable to look at buying is the Soap&Glory Body Mists, Jack Will Sprays, Zara Perfume or even Impulse Body Sprays. I always receive an impulse set in my Christmas stocking because they are so easy to pop in your bag for freshening up throughout the day. At the moment Impulse* have a gift set of 3 full sized Body Sprays and a lovely black clutch bag retailing at £8.00 at the moment on Amazon. Which is such a good steal and makes the perfect little gift! If you are looking at perfume gift sets Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Ted Baker all do some great sets that aren't massively pricey either.

What are you buying that someone who loves all things beauty??

Monday, 14 November 2016

7 Things To Do At Home When You're Unwell

7 Things To Do At Home If You're Unwell
If you haven't already read my Surviving a Winter Cold Post and feel as though you are run down with the typical 'winter blues' then here are some things to do at home to help you feel a bit better. There is nothing worse than feeling run down and having to take time off to get better, I mean it has its ups too, you get to spend the day at home and avoid social contact with humans. When I am off poorly these are some of the things I like to try and do to keep busy as I hate having days where I don't feel like I have done anything.

1.) Drink Lots & Lots of Tea | There is literally a tea for every problem: sleep, stress, stomach pains, flu you name it. I find when you are run down, especially with the flu, a good cup of tea can really help take your mind off the problem and help you to unwind. I've been reaching for Kusmi Tsarevna Herbal Tea* which is a limited edition Russian blend of black tea, spices and orange, perfect for this time of year.

2.) Pamper Yourself | I always feel as though I look like a bag of crap when I'm poorly so one of the things I always do is give my skin some 'me time' and reach for a face mask. I am in love with the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks, especially the detox one. They are perfect for brightening up my skin and giving it some moisture. I always feel a lot more perked up after I have applied one.

3.) A Home Spa | Lets face it a good old massage helps right? HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa* is amazing for winding down and de-stressing. I love pampering my feet, especially in winter when you know you've been running around Christmas shopping. This is an amazing product if you are feeling stressed, cold or even just want a massage, I think having one of these can really help relax you and take your mind off feeling unwell. You could even go the extra mile and have a pedi/manicure in the comfort of your own home with the Rokit Gel Nail Kit*. This is another great feel good product and an amazing asset to have for a pamper/spa evening. I am not one for painting my nails because I find they chip easily and take ages to dry, but with this nail kit my nails are a lot stronger and they look amazing.

4.) Have A Lush Bath | If you are suffering with the flu or have muscle pain a nice hot bath can really help. I always treat myself to a long bubble bath if I am feeling down in the dumps. I like to create a bath cocktail with a LUSH bath bomb, some bubbles and just sit back and relax. I do this once a week, even when I am fine because it's good to give yourself some 'me time' away from technology.

5.) Adult Colouring | I've said it before and I'll say it again adult colouring is great for de-stressing and unwinding away from phones and social media. If I am feeling run down or stressed I like to listen to some music or pop a Disney film in and just colour. I find it very therapeutic and calming I would definitely recommend people buy one of these books there is so many different types out now.

6.) Read A Book | If colouring in isn't your thing, maybe try reading a book, if I put my mind to it, I can get sucked into a book for hours and feel very relaxed. Finding the motivation to pick up a book and read it is my struggle so sometimes I sway towards doing something good for my brain like Sudoku or a crossword. You'd think I was an old woman, but I love puzzles.

7.) Relax | I think the last tip I would recommend if you are at home unwell is just to relax, use that time to put yourself first and focus on getting better. I sound like a nagging mother, but drink plenty of fluids and take lots of vitamin C.

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What do you like to do at home if you're poorly??

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

9 Gross Beauty Things All Girls Do

9 Gross Beauty Things All Girls Do
source – Makeup Savvy
If you haven't gone a week without cleaning your makeup brushes then you are probably lying, but after you read this post you will feel reassured that every girl does this and a whole lot more gross stuff. It takes a great deal of time to look after our skin, but not everybody knows the extent it can go to. For today I wanted to share with you 11 gross beauty things that all girls do which you can hopefully relate to.

Sorry guys but girls are pretty disgusting too.

1. Not Cleaning Brushes - I think this is a pretty obvious one that every girl can relate towards. In our defence it takes us alone half an hour or more to apply the makeup and then another 10 minutes to remove it everyday, so where do we fit in the time? And don't get me started on the Beauty Blenders.

2. Out Of Date Products - How would we know when a product goes out of date? Do we care? Unless there is a label telling me my Benefit blusher expires March 22nd, 2015 or the product has started gathering wildlife, then I will keep using it until I get bored.

3. Tasting Lip Products - 9 times out of 10 lipstick reviews will comment on how good they taste which seems strange but for some reason we all do it. If a lip product smells or tastes nice it definitely makes a difference.

4. Using Your Fingers - Whether it's blending concealer, wiping away mascara smudges or over lipstick marks we have all used our fingers for our makeup. I'm pretty sure when I was younger, I guiltily used my fingers to blend my foundation in.

5. Sharing Makeup - You get together with a few of the girls and you realise you forgot your mascara so your friend kindly lets you use hers or you let her borrow your lipstick. We've all shared 1 or 2 lipsticks over the years and it is kinda gross.

6. Picking Nail Vanish - If you've chipped a nail, it just seems so much more satisfying picking the rest off than having to re apply it all.

7. Slept In Makeup - Guilty of doing this more times than I care to admit.

8. Repurchasing Razor - Buying a razor is just as bad as buying sanitary towels and it is such a boring product to have to constantly repurchase and they aren't cheap! But we all reuse that razor that we know needs thrown out.

9. Pulling Hair - This is so gross but so true, we all enjoy after a shower, pulling out all the loose strands of hair and seeing how much has fallen out. This is quite scary the more you actually think about it.

What gross beauty things do you do??

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tips On Surviving A Winter Cold

Tips To Avoid Colds And Flu This Winter
Nobody likes it when the season starts to change, especially if you are one of the unlucky ones who catches a cold/flu. I hate getting a cold, I would much prefer to have a headache than a runny nose and bad cough. Over the past two months I have really been trying my best to avoid getting poorly this season. Today I wanted to share some tips that could help decrease your chances of getting poorly this season.

1. Keep Hydrated: I know its the tip everyone recommends, but drinking a lot of water everyday can have such an impact on how you feel throughout the day. If I don't drink enough water I feel sluggish and sometimes I get a headache. Keeping hydrated definitely decreases your chances of getting poorly.

2. Lots of Vitamin C: I read somewhere that upping your vitamin intake can really help your chances of not getting a cold. Some say taking a vitamin C tablet everyday works and others don't, for me personally I found it's definitely decreased my chances of getting unwell. So it is worth giving it a try!

3. Plenty of Rest: Another tip that everyone recommends is getting plenty of rest and it really does work. Having 8 hours sleep every night better your chances of fighting off any bugs that you may get if you had slept less. I find I get a better nights sleep if I pop my sleeping mask on from Ooloom*.

4. Eat Properly: We all like to indulge on the odd takeaway or chocolate cake but, if you eat 3 proper meals a day with lots of greens. Getting lots of nutrients definitely helps with avoiding colds.

5. Drink Immune Tea: Not sure if it works, but drinking immune herbal teas has definitely helped me not get unwell as often. These teas are amazing they are packed with lots of vitamins and are a great drink to wind down with in the evening.

6. Be Hygienic: Another kinda obvious one but keeping yourself clean and carrying around hand sanitiser is definitely a must for me. With everyone run down with a cold this time of year it's important to try and fight off any nasty germs.

What do you do to avoid catching a cold??
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