Monday, 17 April 2017

My 12 Hour Makeup Edit

My 12 Hour Makeup Products
What is that strange warm glowing ball in the sky I see before my eyes, oh yeah it's the sun. Something here in the UK we have all been unfamiliar with the last couple of months. The weather is slowly starting to warm up and the days are lasting longer, which is great for us blogging gals wanting that bright photo. However the weather isn't that great for our make-up. These are my makeup products I tend to reach for if I am on my feet all day and don't really have time to be touching up my face.

If I know I am going to be wearing makeup all day a primer is essential for keeping my makeup at bay. The primer I tend to reach for at the moment is the Hylamide HA Blur*. This product is amazing to use as it not only minimizes pores, it blurs and plumps the skin too. Which is exactly what I need if I am working a long shift at work as this keeps my foundation in place all day. I find my foundation glides onto my face so much easier when I have this on my skin. Speaking of foundation if I want full coverage I reach for Estee Lauder Double Wear every time. This foundation is amazing for covering imperfections and giving you that flawless base that doesn't move all day. It's a little bit pricey but totally worth it. Similar is The Ordinary Fluid Primer £5.00.

A concealer I absolutely swear by that has changed my life and my skin is Urban Decay Naked Skin. This concealer is amazing for hiding dark circles, covering spots and brightening your complexion. It can sometimes be a little too heavy which is why I tend to only reach for it when I am wearing makeup all day. I have tried loads of highlighters over the years and the only one that I'd go as far as to say is my holy grail is the Mary Lou Manizer. This powder highlight is incredible for giving your face a healthy glow. I find the more hours I wear it the healthier my skin looks, not sure if that's because I have oily skin but hey it's a good'in!

To set all my makeup in place I tend to reach for either the NYX Matte or Dewy Setting Spray, depending on what I fancy. These sprays are affordable and helps keep your makeup in place for a little while longer. The Urban Decay Setting Spray is my favourite setting spray, but unfortunately I ran out and I now use this as an alternative.

What makeup keeps your face in place??

Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Few Bits I'm Loving Right Now

A Few Bits I'm Loving Right Now
I realize I have been AFK way longer than I had anticipated and resulting in this I have past the practical days to post my March Favourites, so we are going to call this 'A Few Bits I'm Loving Right Now'. Lately I have been enjoying a lot of new things, including skincare, TV Shows and even books, so I decided to grab all my favourites and talk through what I've been enjoying recently.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG
Unless you have heard of this wonderful skincare brand that has taken the Internet by storm, then you won't have any idea what this product is. To break it down, this is basically an eye contour gel-like product that contains 5% caffeine and supplemented with green tea leaves to help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye contour. I have been applying this product both AM and PM and can really notice a difference in my eyes, especially in the mornings before I apply makeup. I usually have to apply quite a bit of concealer under my eyes to cover my dark circles, but since using this I hardly have to apply any! I don't know what it is about this product but it is amazing for achieving healthy eyes!

Alpha H Liquid Gold
After spending countless hours on Cult Beauty's website, I decided to indulge in something a bit more high-end and give this a go in the hope it will help clear up any breakouts. I like to apply this to my skin overnight so once my makeup has been removed and my skin is cleansed, I apply this to a cotton pad and all over my skin in areas where I have blemishes. By the next day my skin is completely different, blemishes are reduced in size and in colour. I don't know if my skin is growing out of as many spots or it's the help of this product, but my skin has never looked better than it has these past few months. My confidence has grew so much since using this product!

Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield 26mm*
DW is one of my favourite brands for watches, they are so timeless, classy and go with just about every outfit. I was head over heels when I was contacted to review one of these beautiful watches. I wear my Classy Sheffield watch with the brown leather strap every single day, so because I love that one so much I was kindly sent the same one but with a black leather strap instead. The finish of this watch creates a beautiful harmony between the band and the exclusive Swarovski crystals, and the slim dial makes it a watch that oozes classy femininity. I have kindly been sent a 15% discount code KATIESWORLD for you to get your hands on one of these timeless watches, so check their amazing watches out here.

Fluffy Sliders
You either love them or hate them, but since I already love anything pink and fluffy I just knew I had to buy these. I got these from Primark for £6.00 and have not been able to take them off my feet. I've been wearing these as slippers around the house as they are so so comfy. I haven't quite had the guts to embrace them outside yet, but I do want a black pair to wear so who knows!

Random Bits
I've been having a lot more 'me time' lately to wind down in the evenings, some of the things I have been doing include colouring in and reading more books. I am always downloading the free Kindle books from Amazon. I have also been enjoying watching new TV Series on Netflix, including Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why and Shadow Hunters. I would definitely recommend checking them all out, each has a different genre so there is something for everyone. Easter is near so of course I have been devouring delicious Bunny Shaped chocolate, I can't wait for Easter I definitely need to bake some nests!

What have you enjoyed lately??

Thursday, 23 March 2017

How To Have A Spring Clean

How To Have A Spring Clean
You know that saying "tidy house, tidy mind", this quote is so true and is perfect for this time of year. I don't know about anybody else but, I don't feel as though I've totally got out of that winter slump unless I've had a spring clean. Over the past month I have thoroughly declutter-ed, reorganized and spring cleaned my entire bedroom, as well as my mum's. I found this so therapeutic and it really got me ready for the change in seasons. I've put together a little checklist on things you should consider to do in order to have a tidier mind.

1. Sell clothes you've not worn in over 6 months on Depop
2. Chuck out odd, holey socks
3. Fold away winter clothes and get your spring gear out
4. Throw odd earrings, broken pieces of jewellery
5. Pop some tulips or daffodils out
6. Fresh, clean bedding (ditch the mermaid blankets!)
7. Toss old receipts, bills, etc
8. Give unwanted DVDS, CDs or books to charity
9. Throw away expired beauty products (trust me this was hard for me!)
10. Toss pens low on ink
11. Reorganize your bookshelf, minimalism is key!
12. Take down any negative vibes (old photos, work)
13. Magazines you don't use can be used as deco
14. Wrapping paper scraps
15. Delete junk mail, screenshots, work - anything that doesn't need stored
16. Simplify your desk space
17. Pop motivational quotes, happy memories on your wall
18. Reorganize your skincare cabinet
19. Remove unused apps
20. Have a new look (hair dye, new makeup, new outfit) 

I have been trying to have a minimalist lifestyle lately and removing any toxic or unnecessary things in my life in order to move forward. Doing some of the above things has really made an impact and I definitely feel ready for spring!

What do you do to have a Spring Clean??

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Look Incredible Beauty Box

Look Incredible Beauty Box
Whoever the culprit was who created the idea of receiving a monthly subscription box filled with surprises deserves a round of applause. Whenever I receive one of these fabulous subscription boxes it is like Santa Claus has arrived early, or late in this case. 

Look Incredible are a online retailer that stock a huge range of well-known beauty brands, including Too Faced, Urban Decay and even Anastasia Beverly Hills. They also offer a monthly beauty subscription box - now I know you are all probably rolling your eyes thinking another beauty box? What makes this one different to the rest? Well, let me tell you. Look Fantastic believe in value for money which means every month you receive 5 iconic full-sized beauty products to last you through the whole month. And if that wasn't exciting enough they are selling a standard edition box for £18.99 a month

Bareminerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Eyeshadows & Primer - £18
Believe it or not I have never actually tried anything from Bareminerals before, so I was excited to try this out. This advanced BB cream for eyeshadow contains SPF 15 and can be used as an eyelid primer, brightener and a eyeshadow. It can also work as a concealer to disguise any blemishes on the eyelid. I personally love the sound of this and since I just ran out of my Too Faced Eye Primer I am definitely going to use this to prime my eyeshadows.

Rosie For Autograph Dream Big Lashes - £15
I have actually got a couple of bits from Rosie's range so I will do an in depth review on my thoughts sometime soon. The packaging on this mascara is stunning, however, I am not entirely convinced on the 'big lashes' as the wand doesn't look effective. I am willing to try it out though!

Bee Good Honey & Cameilina Facial Exfoliator - £10.50
I try to exfoliate my face at least once a week to remove all those gross dead skin cells, so this will definitely make an appearance in my skincare routine. This exfoliator can be used on all skin types and contains propolis to help balance problematic skin. It also contains wheatgerm oil to soothe and moisturizes dry skin. This product offers so much and I can't wait to see what it does to my skin, I may use this on a day my skin is lacking moisture.

Bareminerals Daily Recovery Concentrate - £19.99
Visibly improves skin elasticity with this deeply hydrating treatment. Powered by proprietary Activesoil complex plus White Lily Extract, this effective formula helps replenish and retain moisture, leaving the skin instantly supple while increasing its resilience over time. Not entirely sure what that means exactly, but I do love face mists, they are so easy to use and effective.

Too Faced Flatbuki Brush - £12
Too Faced is my favourite makeup brand so I was so excited to see a brush from their collection in this box. Too Faced cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair is an exclusive, super soft and luxurious fibre that grabs and blends pigments. I can't wait to put this brush to the test I think it will be amazing for blusher and bronzers.

Overall, I think this beauty box is well worth the price and I think it definitely stands out from the rest of the beauty subscription boxes I have trialed over the years. I personally love that you receive 5 full-sized products every month from such iconic brands. Definitely check it out!

*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried Look Incredible's Beauty Box??

Monday, 27 February 2017

Top 10 Motivational Quotes

10 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers
We all get those moments where we lack motivation even in the hobbies we thoroughly enjoy. Pinterest is one of the places I like to turn to when I am in need of some inspiring quotes. Over the past couple of month's I've definitely lacked motivation in blogging, whether that's coming up with spanking-new ideas or just an oomph to sit and type. Looking at some quotes has really helped me keep up my blogging amusement and reminded me why I started in the first place.

I wanted to share with you My Top 10 Motivational Quotes that are perfect for giving you that little push to blog or some of these could be used in other everyday interests/work.

1. "Working Hard Is Important But, What Matters More Is Believing In Yourself"
Of course this wouldn't be right without some sort of Harry Potter reference, but I live by this quote so much it's even on my bedroom wall. I find it gives me the kick up the backside when I am feeling not so confident.

2. "Remember Why You Started"
When you have been religiously doing something for awhile you can often forget the meaning behind it. It's nice to take a step back and remind yourself why you started in the first place and what you want to get out of it.

3. "You Can't Get Much Done in Life if You Only Work On Days You Feel Good"
I feel like this is a quote that really knocks some sense into me for motivation. I am forever telling myself I can't do this today because I don't feel 100%, this quote just gives me the boost to tell myself to not give a shit and just do it. You have to power through all good and bad days to see success!

4. "Offline is the New Luxury"
If you are lacking inspiration sometimes it's good to get some fresh air or to come away from your keyboard for a couple of days, then come back with a fresh aspect.

5. "Supporting Anothers Success Won't Dampen Yours"
I think the blogging community is really good for supporting one another. It's always worth while checking into a blog chat every now and then on Twitter or just leaving some love on someone's blog post!

6. "Don't Let Yesterday Take up Much of Today"
Alright big deal you had an unmotivated day yesterday so change it today. Stop dwelling on what happened yesterday and focus on the now.

7. "It Doesn't Matter What Everyone is Doing, It Matters What You are Doing"
Focus on yourself, your own blog and nothing else!

8. "Tea & Fuzzy Socks"
Not much of a quote but I do find sitting in comfortable clothing with a cup of tea can instantly change your mood.

9. "Don't Give Up Just Because Things Are Hard"
Think of it as a challenge that you want to complete and think of the outcome!

10. Only Thing That is Making You Unhappy is Your Own Thoughts, Change Them"
Simple enough!

I hope these brought some motivation to any of you who lack motivation or self-doubt.

What is your no.1 motivational quote??
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