Sunday, 4 February 2018

51 Things To Declutter

51 things to declutter
When the word minimalism started popping up online I thought it was a trend that I'd start and probably give up within a day. And now here I am ten lipsticks down, one currently in-use mascara and only three out of like a million un-used, pretty notebooks kept. Man, it was tough saying goodbye to a lot of things, especially some of my 'worn once dresses' but once I detached myself to things it became easier and was worth it in the end.

Decluttering your home is such a good way to not only give your mind, clarity and balance, but to kick start the year and give you the motivation you need. 

Tidy house, tidy mind, right?
Here is a list of 51 things worth tossing out now!

1. Out of date makeup
There is usually a little tub on the back of products with a '12m' sign.

2. Out of date skin products

3. Products only used once or dried up
See ya later St Moritz Mousse

4. Makeup that isn't your shade
I said goodbye to so many Barbie pink lipsticks that don't suit me!

5. Old, dirty muslin cloths

6. Perfume bottles that have a drop left

7. Nail polish that has gone a funny colour

8. Clothes that have stains or holes in them
Soooo many pairs of socks and tights

9. Clothes that have been worn once and never again in more than 6 months

10. Clothes that don't fit anymore
More excuses to buy new ones right?

11. Clothes that make you go: what the f**k??
Yeah, I am talking about you T-shirt with a smiley pizza face

12. Bras that have wiring sticking out

13. Bras that have passed their sell by date
I'm talking ones that have lost their colour, shape etc.

14. Old bedding

15. Towels with holes in them

16. Books you've never read before

17. Books you won't read again
Bye my teenage favourite Twilight Saga books

18. Old magazines

19. Old letters, appointments
I managed to find my acceptance letter to university, flashback or what.

20. Letters with important details on that you can find elsewhere

21. Old Christmas, birthday cards
Found a Valentines card from my ex from like 11 years ago, Christ.

22. Old receipts, plastic bags

23. Out of date food
You'd think I was preparing for an apocalypse with the amount of tinned soups I had

24. Out of date tea or coffee

25. Cracked, chipped mugs

26. Dead house plants
I tossed a couple of succulents that refused to live...

27. Notebooks that have been used once and replaced

28. Pens that don't work

29. Notebooks that have/will never get used
So many marble notebooks

30. Earrings without a partner

31. Jewellery that has lost its colour

32. Watches that don't work anymore

33. Chargers for old phones

34. Old phones
I managed to sell my old Samsung Galaxy online and made a bit of money from it!

35. DVDs that haven't been watched

36. DVDs you can watch on Netflix

37. Games that never get touched

38. Boxes from electronics

39. Excess coat hangers

40. Wrapping paper scraps

41. Candles that have burnt out

42. Worn out hair bobbles
I am still working on this one.

43. Social media that you never use

44. Unsubscribe to emails you don't ever read

45. Spam/junk folder
So many emails offering me Viagra...

46. Blurred photos

47. Reward/store cards you never use
A library card? Really, Katie?

48. Old apps from your phone, you never open

49. Delete old contacts or texts

50. People who make you feel unhappy, anxious or doubtful

51. Negativity

What things on this list are you going to declutter??

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

101 Skincare Ingredients Guide

101 Skincare Ingredients Guide
Despite not writing as much beauty content last year, my skincare addiction is still intact and thirsty as ever to try more. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to skincare, therefore I have spent a great deal of time with my head buried in beauty dictionaries and upping my skincare-ingredients knowledge.

Skincare is evolving and brands are beginning to offer more honest, stripped-back unnecessary packaging and misleading ingredients. The Ordinary is a prime example of this, when this brand first came about I honestly didn't have a clue what terms such as 'Niacinamide' or 'Matrixyl' meant. It was because of this brand that I decided to properly get into skincare.

I decided to share the knowledge I discovered, some of which you may be familiar with, on what certain skincare ingredients do for your skin. I am also considering making this into like a 'skincare guide series' of what I've learnt, the dos + don'ts.

What is it? It took me a while to get my head around this, but to give you it straight AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) have very similar benefits for different skin types. If you use the wrong one for your skin type you will realise it won't be doing much good. If you have normal to dry skin AHA exfoliants are best for you as these products love water and if you have combination/oily skin BHA exfoliants will work best as they love oil.

Glycolic Acid
What is it? So this little wonder worker is a form of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that exfoliates the skin, reduces pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots. It is suitable for all skin types, but from personal experience it works best on normal to dry skin. 
The brands I like: Alpha H Liquid Gold or The Ordinary Glycolic Solution.

Salicylic Acid
What is it? This one I have been familiar with throughout my teenage years and it has come in handy over the years. Salicylic acid is a form of BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) aimed at oily, combination or acne prone skin types. Which basically helps with clearing pores, reducing breakouts and builds collagen (which is the main structural protein found in skin).
The brands I like: The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% or Origin Super Spot Remover.

Hyaluronic Acid
What is it? I had always heard of Hyaluronic, but never really knew what it did, until now. It hydrates and plumps skin by drawing in moisture. It is suitable for pretty much all skin types, but best for dry or acne-prone skin that needs an oil free option.
The brands I like: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid.

What is it? Retin based skincare products are worth understanding because of their ability to reduce wrinkles, reduce acne and boost collagen. Retinoids work by correcting pigmentation and killing old cells in order to boost new ones Whereas, Retinol improves lines and discoloration issues. Both very similar products and can be used on all skin types, preferably aging skin. Best to start young right??
The brands I like: No surprise The Ordinary Retinol 1%.

What is it? This is a very effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits to help improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and weakened skin. I find this great for my skin, which is oily/combination/acne, but I can imagine this would be great for all skin types.
The brands I like: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo or The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%.

Rosehip Oil
What is it? This oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin. It also helps reducing scars, fine lines and is known to help with treating a cold. Can be used on all skin types, I like to use this maybe once a week.
The brands I like: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

What skincare advice have you learnt??

Friday, 26 January 2018

Beating the January Blues

How to beat the january blues
I think I speak for most of us when I say January is a sluggish month that needs to just hurry up and end. You've already broken your New Year resolutions, the Christmas decorations are tucked back in the attic, the days are short and gloomy, oh, and all the good Quality Streets are gone. Could this month get any worse? Oh, yeah, there is also a 5 week till payday, which will be spent on recovering from January.

Even though the end is nigh I still find this month ticking by very slow, so I've been making conscious efforts to try to ditch the 'January Blues' and decided to share what I've been doing.

Do Minimum
Even though January tends to be a month of organizing life, joining/getting back into fitness, eat healthy, clear-out, etc. I find January a much more of a productive month if I don't put pressure on myself to get everything done all at once. It just comes naturally. Take one goal at a time and the rest will follow suit.

One of the first things I have done this month was organise my room, I am all about that tidy house, tidy mind motto. Therefore, I gave lots of old clothes to charity, thrown out of date makeup out and revamped my room up. I've definitely had a more positive and productive attitude since doing this. I have a 51 Things To Declutter post going up soon also.

'Me' Time
One of the things I mentioned in my 13 Things I've Learnt in 2017 post was that self care is so important. Therefore, because January seems to be an intense and demanding month, I've made sure to give myself more time to myself. Things like reading more, skincare treats and having long baths, have made this month a lot more a little manageable.

Prioritize Your Money
Ha, it makes me laugh even writing this one down because money has definitely been the biggest stress this month. 5 week pays are the worst, especially when you are trying to recover from Christmas and have a trip to Iceland in February to buy for. I have however been checking my online banking every other day to see what payments come out on what days. I've also not been eating out as often this month, as that seems to be where all my money goes!

How are you surviving this dreary month??

Friday, 19 January 2018

13 Things I've Learnt In 2017

How do you even start these thingy's off anymore? I am so out of sync I forgot what it's like to be sitting at my desk typing away. I guess I could start off by saying Happy New Year and hello 2018! I think it's fair to say I sucked last year at keeping up to date with my little blog, and although I did miss Katie's World of Beauty, a lot of personal things happened in my life that I needed to take a massive little break from this. 

Despite 2017 being quite possibly *no drama intended* the worst year I've ever experienced, I learnt a great deal and came out the other end a much stronger person. I miss writing therefore I am going to be writing much more content on here this year and decided to start the year off by wrapping up 2017 and sharing some things that I have learnt.

Even though 13 is ironically an unlucky number, here's 13 things I've learnt in 2017:

1. Life is just too damn short.
Life Lesson: I've learned this very well last year with two deaths in the family. Use time wisely and surround yourself with loved ones.

2. Eliminate what doesn't help you evolve.
Life Lesson: 2 words, 1 finger. Cut all negative vibes from your life, even if it seems impossible, you'll feel better in the long run.

3. Owning less is better than organizing more.
Life Lesson: I've been using more products I've forgotten about instead of buying new bits. I've also saved money doing so which is a bonus!

4. Self care comes first.
Life Lesson: After doubting myself numerous times I have realised my health and well-being are so much more important than I thought.

5. You can't recycle wasted time.
Life Lesson: I've been using my time much more wisely and doing more things I keep telling myself I will do eventually: read more, watch my Netflix list, try new foods etc.

6. Salmon is amazing for my hair.
Life Lesson: I tried lots of food in 2017, one being salmon and it has completely changed how my hair looks!

7. I'm much stronger than I was in 2016.
Life Lesson: I don't mean I can lift a 2000kg car, I mean mentally I am a lot stronger than I was and can handle a lot more.

8. I'll always have spots.
Life Lesson: No matter how much money and research I spend on treating spots, I have come to the conclusion I am always going to get them even after the teenage years and to just accept it. Ugh.

9. Having local anesthetic surgery isn't as bad as I thought.
Life Lesson: I have had a ganglion cyst on my left wrist for a good few years and decided to finally get it removed. I was awake during the operation, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did however have a very numb arm for 24 hours which was...interesting.

10. Snuggling on the sofa watching Game of Thrones is my favourite thing.
Life Lesson: Need I say more?

11. Early nights are bliss.
Life Lesson: I am so over the 2am bedtimes, I much prefer to be tucked up in bed with a book or my boyfriend *hehe* at 10pm.

12. Let shit go.
Life Lesson: I spent an awful long time rationalizing scenarios and getting anxious rather than just moving on. I've definitely learnt to let things go more and to not waste time worrying about pointless nonsense.

13. I don't like 2017 let's leave it behind.
Life Lesson: I found 2017 a dreadful year and a year I won't miss so lets hope 2018 is better!

What have you learnt in 2017??

Friday, 8 September 2017

My Top 10 Under £10

My Top 10 Under £10
Hello lovelies remember me? (I hope!), can we redo 2017?? I think it's fair to say I suck this year at keeping up to date with my blog. As much as I enjoy splurging on high-end makeup products from Space NK and Cult Beauty, my bank account doesn't always enjoy it as much. For when my bank doesn't agree I like to reign it in a bit and reach for some favourite drugstore products. I find drugstore products just as good as high-end, which is great because they're a whole lot cheaper and much easier to get a hold of.

These are my Top 10 Under £10 Makeup Products.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte 24hr Foundation £8.99 | As much as I love wearing Double Wear, I've been after a cheaper alternative to wear for work and everyday life. I tend to reach for this foundation the most on those days as it has medium coverage and stays in place all day. I do only like to wear this on good skin days though as I find any areas that are dry off spot treatments the foundation clings to those areas. It is a really good matte foundation though despite that and the shade range is really spot on too.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder £11.00 | Okay, I know I am a little over the £10 budget but I wanted to include one of my favourite drugstore bronzers and this springs to mind. I always reach for this bronzer because it is so easy to blend and doesn't leave you with any orange streaks. It looks very natural and is perfect to wear both day and night. A little goes a long way, I have had this palette for a good year or 2 now and I've only just hit the pan.

H&M Eyeshadow £4.99 | First off, how gorgeous is the packaging? These look like they belong next to YSL. I rarely buy makeup from high street clothing stores incase my skin reacts to them, but if I do, I tend to reach for eyeshadow or lip products. I personally love these eyeshadows, they're not long lasting but I sort of expected that for the price. However, they make up for it with their HUGE range of shades for every season. I just think these are so easy to wear, so affordable and perfect to chuck in your bag.

Real Techniques Sponge £5.99 | I have gone through so many of these sponges they are by far my favourite for applying my base makeup. I even prefer these over my Beauty Blender as the quirky shape of them helps keep my foundation and concealer at bay. The pointed end works great for blending concealer under the eyes or even just blending products into smaller areas. The flat surface is perfect for buffing my foundation or BB cream into my skin. I find I get my makeup done a whole lot quicker using these sponges than I would with a brush, they give me such an amazing coverage/finish.

Soap & Glory Brow Archery £10.00 | This brow pen was the first product that changed the way I felt about eyebrows and still to this day I use this felt tip to shape my brows. The shade range is quite minimal, I think they only do two shades one for blondes and one for brown. However, the blonde shade is spot on for people like me who have fair/invisible brows. I just love how quick and easy this product is, which makes it perfect for those days you are in a rush.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara £7.99 | If we rule out Benefit's They're Real being my favourite drugstore mascara, this is a close second. I always look for a mascara that doesn't smudge or give me panda eyes, has good volume and lengthens my lashes. This mascara ticks all those boxes and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a mascara that gives you that false lash effect.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £3.99 | Powder is one of those products I have always used no matter what to set my makeup. I am sure you's have all heard of this inexpensive, pretty-good powder before, so I won't make a song and dance about it too much. Only if you haven't tried it definitely do as it is a perfect powder to set your makeup in place all day without constantly needing to touch up.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.20 | I have probably gone through a solid 20 or more of these tubes that tells you how much I love this concealer. It is perfect for covering imperfections without clinging to any dry areas, a great under eye concealer for brightening up those dull circles and works well to not melt off your face throughout the day. I personally love this concealer and I will be heartbroken if Collection ever stops stocking it.

NYX Lip Creams £6.00 | I'm quite basic when it comes to everyday lip products, I tend to slap a tinted moisturizing balm on and I'm good to go, I don't like having to constantly retouch. NYX Lip Creams are definitely one of my favourite drugstore lip products I like to reach for. These are super easy to apply and dry into your lips almost instantly with a matte finish, and the best part is you barely need to retouch (unless you eat of course). I love the shade range as well, they literally have every colour and all the nudes you could ever need.

Sleek Highlighting Palette £9.99 | Where do I even begin with this amazing palette, I cannot recommend this enough if you are looking for a 'do it all in one' kind of highlighting palette. Who'd of thought highlighting different areas of your face with different shades could make such a difference?! This palette is definitely a good palette to try if you are into your healthy glow and dewy finishes.

What is your all time favourite drugstore product??
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