Friday, 30 October 2015

My Top 5 Halloween Films

My Top 5 Halloween Films
Halloween is one of my favourite occasions this time of the year, I love the atmosphere and the creativity behind it. This year I am wanting to go on a scary late night walk, bake some Halloween-y treats whilst watching a couple of scary films. 

Here are a few of my favourite Halloween films I like to watch.

1. Harry Potter | Even though Harry Potter isn't a typical 'scary film', it does have those dark, Gothic and magically elements about it. It is my favourite film series throughout the entire year but for some reason when Halloween is near I am drawn to watching them all from the beginning. A lot of dark secrets, adventures, magic and creepy creatures! 

2. Edward Scissorhands | I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp films, he has been a part of so many quirky films, this being one of them. This is about a young man who has scissors as hands and freakish appearance. A suburban saleswoman discovers Edward and takes him home, where he falls for Peg's daughter. A lot of light-humour, quirkiness and some darkness too. This is a classic scary film I like to watch, again all year round but, it has those Gothic elements to it that make it a scary film. If I was dressing up this year I'd be tempted to go as Edward.

3. Corpse Bride | An animated film about two families that have arranged their sons and daughters marriage. Whilst Victor is nervous about the ceremony, he practices his vows in a forest, when suddenly a hang drags him to the land of dead. Another light-hearted, quirky, dark film with plenty of action. I really like this film and for it being a PG I still jump at certain scenes!

4. Sweeney Todd | This film is a little bit more gory compared to the first 3 mentioned. Sweeney Todd is based on the infamous story of Benjamin Barker, a barber who owns a shop in London just above his partner in crime, Mrs Lovett. He seeks revenge on those who ruined his life and stole his family. Don't trust Mrs Lovetts pies! I love this film it's very quirky, gory and full of songs to sing along to.

5. Scream | More of a classic scary film, but Scream will always be one of my favourite movies to watch on Halloween. Even though we know what to expect when protagonist gets a phonecall or is home alone, you have to watch them till the end. These are the perfect jumpy, gory and funny scary films to watch on Halloween. There is a series of them now!

These are just some of my favourite Halloween films to watch, as you can tell I don't watch films that'll keep me awake all night. However if you are wanting to watch some really scary, sleepless-night films, here are a few I'd recommend: The Conjuring, Woman in Black, Paranormal Activity and Insidious. All films that have really scared the life out of me!

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What is your favourite Halloween movie??

Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Favourite Accessories

My Favourite Accessories
My Favourite Accessories
My Favourite Accessories
My Favourite Accessories
When it comes to putting an outfit together accessories are always an essential part to getting the finished look. I don't think I have ever left the house without at least a pair of dainty earrings or my Daniel Wellington watch on, without a piece of jewellery on I won't feel completely ready, maybe I need jewellery rehab? Today I wanted to share with you all my current favourite accessories that I have been wearing every single day to complete an outfit.

You know the question "what 5 products would you take on an island?" one of mine would have to be my Rose Gold Daniel Wellington watch. I absolutely love this watch for both casual and formal occasions, it completes any look but adds a touch of simplicity. My arm feels naked without it! I have a little bit of an obsession for quirky, simplistic pieces of jewellery therefore the Silver Unicorn Necklace had to be added to my collection of quirkiness. This necklace is perfect for daytime wear and looks adorable paired with a cosy jumper for Autumn. If I'm not parading around pretending to be a unicorn, I like to wear my Triangular Marble Necklace from Primark, paired with my Pretty Marble Stud Earrings. These earrings are a bit more daring for me but if you like statement jewellery that's sparkly and bold check out Happiness Boutique. They offer free shipping too which is always a bonus!

If I am feeling 'mixy-matchy' but don't want to wear jewellery that is too in your face I like to wear my Rose Gold Wishbone Studs paired with my watch. These earrings are so dainty and simple which are perfect to wear for all occasions. Plus they are rose gold so what is not to love about that?! If not these earrings my Silver Elephant Studs from the same website as my Unicorn Necklace. This website is a girls dream if you are like me and love quirky, dainty pieces of jewellery.

I have the tiniest hands in the world therefore finding rings that fit me is a bit of a chore. Whoever invented this 'stacking, midi-ring' concept I applaud you as I can now find rings that fit me! These Stacking Rings look so chic and effortless, I personally love wearing these during the evening if I am wearing a simple dress. 

There's a 15% discount off Daniel Wellington watches code: katiesworldofbeauty 
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What are your favourite accessories??

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

5 Reasons To Be Excited About Fall
When the summer is over, people tend to become depressed because temperatures are falling, the weather is becoming gloomy and, as if that was not enough, the season of vacations is over. Still, not everything is as grey in the times ahead.

The fall brings with it so many things to look forward to. Pumpkins, colourful leaves, trench coats, sweaters and boots are just some of them. Just in case you have forgotten, we will remind you of some perks waiting for you in the next few months.

Shopping off-season
If you are such a summer lover that you cannot find a single reason to be happy for the arrival of the fall, then at least you can enjoy shopping for new summer items at amazingly low prices. This is the perfect time to buy swimsuit, sandals, wedges, kaftans, kimonos, floppy hats and other items for warm weather for the next year. You will survive the chilly weather easier if you hold on to your new summer items.

The end of the vacation season means you are heading back to the office. And for the all-new working season, you will need all-new clothing. For women whose work requires a strict dress code, the best colours for the fall are terracotta and marshal. The joy of shopping will only increase if you take a friend with you and turn it into an all-day experience. Use that day to drink coffee and exchange some gossip.

Fall in Love with Fall Fashion
Both men’s and women’s fall trends have so many interesting styles to offer. Men can celebrate the arrival of this season by shopping for custom dress shirts appropriate for both formal and informal events. A new pair of jeans is a must for both sexes. Girls that have a boots-crush can be happy because now is the time when they can wear them at any occasion. Cosy oversized sweaters, neutral colours trench coats, sweater dresses, leggings, plaid shirts, are just some of the items you should look forward to.

Baby, It’s Chilly Outside
Not too cold, not too hot; what more can a girl ask for? You will not break a sweat and you will not shiver. The temperatures will be just perfect. And the ladies will not have any problems with makeup melting off their faces or hairstyles falling apart because of the heat. If it gets too cold for you, you can always use the cosiness and cuddliness of a blanket, tuck yourself in and read a good book.

Scents, Sceneries and Flavours
Remember that thrill when your mother bakes an apple and cinnamon pie? You are waiting at the kitchen door and the scents are caressing your senses. And don’t get us started on those amazing flavours! Also, sceneries of the fall are a true feast for the eyes. It is impossible not to be amazed with the richness of colours and the dance of the falling leaves.

Guest post: Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Australia, with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion, photography and graphic design. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and style.

Find her on: Facebook and Twitter 

What are you most excited about this fall??

Monday, 26 October 2015

Things To Do On Halloween

Things To Do On Halloween
I love Halloween! I really envy all the little children that get to dress up for trick-or-treating and stuff their faces with candy for days on end, you lucky bunch. I think it would seem a bit strange to go trick-or-treating at the age of 21 now but, that doesn't stop me from wanting to do something fun and spooky for Halloween.

Here are a few simple things to do for Halloween

1. Coooosy Night In | It might be nice with a partner or some friends to spend Halloween indoors where it is nice and warm. You could spend the evening baking some spooktacular treats, some simple recipes here. To go with the yummy treats you could perhaps chill out on the sofa and watch a couple of scary films on Netflix. Cheap and cheerful!

2. Frightful Night | If you are feeling very brave this year maybe attending a spooky event could be up your street. There are lots of ghost hunts, circuses and tours on Halloween, so grab some friends and be brave enough to go to one. This puts you in the spooky spirit and could be a laugh with a few friends.

3. Ghostly Walk | I always find Halloween to be quite foggy which always makes me want to go out on a spooky walk. I love the atmosphere on this night so sipping a chai latte in my cosy scarf whilst on a spooky walk with my boyfriend seems fun but creepy!

4. Go See A Film | You could go see a scary film at the cinemas as they always have frightful films on near the end of October. I have done this a few times and I always end up with sleepless nights but it's all good fun!

5. Dress Up | Dressing up is the most important part to Halloween essentially so you could hit town and get dressed up or go to a house party. 

6. Carve A Pumpkin | Carving a pumpkin is so much fun but hard work too! You could stick on a scary soundtrack on Youtube whilst carving a pumpkin with someone. Once finished stick a tealight in and dim the lights, val-ah!

What do you like doing on Halloween??

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Making Most Of The Extra Hour

Making The Most Of The Extra Hour
Today's the day the clocks go back which means we get that luxury of an extra hour in bed, in my case anyways. However, I have decided to try and make the most of the extra hour by given my skin some serious TLC. I am always looking for ways to improve my skincare, especially in winter therefore making the most of the extra hour by upping my skincare is a must.

For today's post I wanted to share with you all some timed tips to help keep your skin as hydrated as possible to really make the most of that precious extra hour:

Spare 5 Minutes Tips:

Before getting into the shower take 5 minutes to sweep a body brush up the arms, legs and back towards the heart. This stimulates circulation, which helps you to eliminate toxins effectively and feel energized for the day.

Bring a sense of hotel luxury to your bathroom. Use a mood lighting with the dimmer switch and tea lights. Low lighting gives the brain a message that it's time to relax.

Haven't got time to exfoliate and moisturise your feet? Use Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream and let it sink into your feet before bed. This will do both jobs for you and you will wake up with amazingly soft feet! 

Spare 10 Minute Tips:

For an at-home remedy, use banana to moisturise your skin and leave it looking and feeling softer. Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana into a smooth paste, then gentle apply it to your face and neck. Let it set for 10 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water.

Exfoliation gently removes dry skin cells from the surface, allowing moisturisers to function effectively. Give your skin the superior care it deserves with Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash. When it comes to skincare in the winter, Dove is my go-to drugstore brand. Only £2.55 for 250ml, this amazing wash has quickly gained a place in my everyday skincare routine as just after one wash my skin straight away feels smoother.

Put on a moisturiser when your skin is still damp. That way, the moisturiser will help retain the moisture on your skin. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then towel off the excess. This is amazing if you suffer with dry skin!

As the weather gets colder, we do get the urge to turn on the fire or have a steamy hot bath, however hot air can be damaging to our skin. Use a humidifier for short periods of time in a well-ventilated room and keep the door closed so no moisture can escape! I like to do this when I am just sat in my room on my computer, it really does make a difference. 

A cheaper alternative place a bowl of wet rice on top of your radiator to put some moisture back into your skin and the room.

Spare 20/30 Minute Tips:

Purchase a natural yogurt and apply a small amount to dry, clean skin and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Perhaps read a good book as you wait? Once the time is up wash it off and your skin will feel 1000% more moisturised. I always do this natural face mask in the winter and I cannot fault how effective the results are.

Coconut Oil is an amazing product everyone should have, if you have dry or limp hair massage coconut oil into your hair, starting at your ends. Leave in for 20-30 minutes then wash out using a shampoo. Goodbye dry hair!

What quick-tips do you have??

Saturday, 24 October 2015

My Autumn Beauty Lifesavers

My Autumn Beauty Lifesavers
It's getting to that time of the year again where my skincare needs some serious TLC, therefore I go through products are more frequently. I have been trying out a variety of new products recently and these in particular have made such a difference to my hair and skin.

These are my current beauty lifesavers.

Scott Cornwall Protein Spray | I fell in love with this spray the second I used it and I can't seem to use anything else since. Once I have washed my hair I always let it dry naturally so I go ahead and spray this both on my scalp on ends of my hair. This product has really made a difference to the strength of my hair, hardly any hair falls out and my ends look incredibly healthy, no frizz or split-ends in site! I haven't noticed a difference on the colour of my hair as of yet but if I do I will be sure to mention it in a post.

Hylamide Photography Foundation | I am always on the hunt for ways to keep my makeup locked on my face for longer and the Hylamide fixes that for me. This transparent treatment can be used before you apply your makeup or mixed in with your foundation to reduce pore size, imperfections and corrections. I have been mixing this in my foundation everyday and I can really see a difference in my makeup. For starters my makeup hardly ever goes shiny since using this and the best part is it really does reduce any imperfections. I really love using this product and it takes up no extra effort in my makeup routine!

Antiac Daily Face Wash | This facial wash is from the website Salcura which sell a variety of natural spot treatments. My skin unfortunately always suffers with the odd couple of spots therefore treatments always play a rightful role in my skincare routine. This facial wash really surprised me, it not only helped reduce any imperfections but it deep cleansed my face resorting to reducing clogged pores. I have been using this every morning to wake my face up and it really does kick start my day!

Luxsit Anti-Blemish Gel | I think this and the Origins Super Spot Remover are really not that different from one another. Whenever I wake up with a spot I like to dab a bit of this gel into the spot both morning and evening. Just like the Origin Spot Treatment this reduces any redness, swelling and the overall spot itself. I really like using this product it is great for those emergencies.

La Roche Posay Serozinc | I have talked about this product a couple of times on my blog but it still to this day has saved my skin. I like to use this toning mist whenever I feel too lazy to use my toning water routine. Spray a bit of this all over my face and wall-ah. This really does reduce any redness on my face and dries up any imperfections I may have. I love using this but sometimes I do have to have my moisturizer at the ready afterwards as it can be a little drying.

*PR Sample/gift.
What are your current beauty lifesavers??

Thursday, 22 October 2015

My 5 Must-Have Accessories

My 5 Must-Have Accessories
My 5 Must-Have Accessories
The accessories for me always bring together an outfit, they can totally change the perception of how your outfit looks. These are my top 5 must-have accessories that I cannot live without at the moment and always style an outfit well.

Topshop Rose Gold Style Sunglasses - No matter what time of the year it is I will always carry these sunglasses in my handbag. The ombre styled lenses adds a stylish touch to any outfit and let's not forget the dreamy rose gold frame.

Dorothy Perkins Nude Pompom Slipper Pumps - These are so cosy to wear and great to throw on with a pair of skinny jeans or some printed trousers. I think they really add a touch of class and elegance to an outfit. The pompom style is too adorable and not to everyone's taste but I personally love it!

Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Watch* - I cannot seem to leave the door without this watch, it really sets an outfit off and can be worn for all occasions. The rose gold detailing combined with the white eggshell dial and brown leather straps really make this watch look simplistic and classy. If you are interested in treating yourself to one of these stunning watches I have a 15% off code for you, the code is katiesworldofbeauty

Topshop Black Bralet - Sometimes wearing a plain black bra when you are chilling in the house or dressed casual can seem like a waste of time. Lately I have been wearing bralets a lot more, styled with casual outfits and I think the detailing of this bralet really looks interesting and edgy. 

Primark Marble Triangle Necklace - Whenever my outfit is in need of a necklace I go for this marble effect gold necklace. It goes quite nicely with a lot of casual clothes but could possibly be styled up nicely with an evening outfit too.

What is your must-have accessory??

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Haircare Staples

My Haircare Staples
I have always had naturally long hair but recently I realized my hair was too long, like Rapunzel, it was drowning my face and was too difficult to look after. I recently decided to get my haircut and a chop was definitely what I needed. Since then I have been able to try a lot more products and do a lot more with it, so today I wanted to share with y'all my current haircare staples.

Tangle Teezer - This brush is the perfect hair brush to use after you have washed your hair and 10x better to use than the original Tangle Teezer. I have noticed a difference in my hair when I use this brush, for starters it brushes my hair a lot faster and my hair doesn't feel like it is breaking. I would really recommend one of these Water-Loving brushes to tame your tangled, wet hair!

The Hair Molecule - I like to call this medicine for your hair as you take two teaspoons of this supplement everyday to achieve grow strong, healthy and full of shine hair. I have only been taking this for a week or so and already I can see a difference in my hair. It feels incredibly healthy/shiny and I don't know if it's because my hair naturally grows fast but I can already see my hair growing. It is a bit pricey but I definitely recommend it if you want longer hair without all the effort.

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner 11 in 1 - This conditioner reminds me of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Masks as you essentially do the same with this. What I love about this product is the scent, the scent smells very fresh and it stays with you after you washed your hair. This conditioner promises so much to your hair some of them include: adds shine, reduces frizz, deep cleanses/conditions, hydrates, makes styling easier, adds protective shield, softens hair and adds volume. Ultimately the haircare staple right? For me this definitely ticked all of the above and I now have found my holy grail of conditioners. TRY IT.

Moroccan Oil - I have talked about this product numerous times on my blog before it is definitely a holy grail of mine. Since I had my haircut my ombre doesn't look as brassy or dull anymore and I genuinely believe this oil has helped with that. This oil adds so much shine and healthiness to my hair it is crazy. It smells wonderful and leaves my hair frizz-free!

Scunci Instatwist - I know braids are usually associated with summer but, recently I have been incorporating braids in Autumn and when I go to the gym. These bring back so many memories of when I was a child! I rarely use heat on my hair therefore tools like this always come in handy. I have been creating various looks with this tool and I will be blogging about them soon! 

*PR Sample/gift.
What are your haircare staples??

Sunday, 18 October 2015

7 Things I Like To Do In Autumn

7 Things I Like To Do In Autumn
I cannot put into words how thrilled I am that it's finally Autumn! Crispy leaves, purple lipsticks, knitted socks, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes and finally it is acceptable to start planning all of the festivities we have coming soon.

Here are some things I like to do that gets me in the mood for autumn

1. Bake: I like baking all year round but once autumn is here I like to bake lots of Halloween, Christmas treats. If you follow my Pinterest you will know how much I love re-pinning foodie treats to bake.

2. De-Clutter: Every season I like to give my room a little bit of a revamp just to keep it fresh and in season. I have started to get my coats and winter clothing on display, ditched the bright pink lipsticks and added a lot more fairylights around my room.

3. Stock Up: Every single time autumn/winter is here I will stock up on countless amounts of candles, thick socks and bath products. I have baths a lot more in the colder months so these are all essential for me to stock up on to keep warm and relaxed!

4. Go On Walks: I think it is important to try and keep active just as much in the colder months as well as summer. Going on walks to parks, kicking my feet through crisp brown leaves whilst sipping a pumpkin spice latte or walking through winter markets smitten over the little trinkets is always a hobby I enjoy to do.

5. Drink Chai Latte: Chai Latte is my favourite autumnal drink to order when I am in a coffee shop. The cinnamon spice and milky taste is like autumn/winter in a mug and the perfect drink to have during the colder months.

6. Write Lists: Since Autumn/winter is one of the busier times of the years for keeping on top of things I decided now is the time for a new notebook, any excuse. This notebook will be used for writing Christmas lists, birthdays and other festive occasions. You can purchase this marble notebook from Uniqfind* which if you love marble, ceramic designs you will love this site!

7. Relax: Even though this is simply the busiest time of the year I like to relax a bit more from now till January. All of the above are ways I like to relax that don't take much effort to do but make such a difference.

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What do you like to do in Autumn??

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ways to Drive Traffic to Old Blog Posts

Ways to Drive Traffic to Old Blog Posts
Remember that blog post you spent so much time creating that got so many wonderful responses? If you are a continuous blogger the chances are those posts have perhaps been pushed aside and forgotten about overtime, almost like we are saying RIP to them all.

I think it's important to not only drive traffic to your fresh, newly content but back to those old posts that you really enjoyed publishing too. This is a cooperative way to increase page views, SEO and potential new readers. I have recently been trying new methods to boost my recognition and traffic on old blog posts which believe it or not have somewhat made a difference.

Link Familiar Posts In New Content | If you are writing your monthly favourites link last months favourites (or even last years!), an ootd link an ootd with similar accessories, any tips on blogging link other tips see a pattern here? I have an example here at the bottom of this post I linked a couple of oldish posts relevant to the content. This method is my favourite and takes no time or effort whatsoever. Plus makes your blog look more professional and busy.

Up Your Social Media Skills | There is absolutely nothing wrong with copy and pasting an URL from an old post and tweeting about it. I have done this with my university advice posts and I will continue to do so. I know a lot of students are getting ready to start or go back into education therefore now is the perfect time for me to up my social media on my student advice posts to get a little bit of traffic as well as helping others. Best of both worlds ey?

Tweek Those Old Posts | Maybe at the time you thought it was quirky to have song lyrics as your blog post titles. A good way to get those posts noticed is to simplify them down to basics. If your post title reads 'diggin the dancing queen' or something simply change it so something a lot more safe and easy 'July favourites' or 'Primark ootd' etc. Make them straight to the point as the end of the day people won't search for a blog posts with lyrics in. Also you could go back to old posts and just change a few words and add keywords to up your trend and get them more noticed on Google. All of these will automatically update your BL accounts (if you have one) and be displayed at the top of your archive so readers will see them at first glance too.

Include A 'Popular Posts' Widget | I have had this from the word go and I must admit it 100% helps with traffic. I am forever seeing oldish posts getting popular views and even comments which is a bonus really. I used to think this was simply robotic, spams just constantly stalking my posts but that wasn't always the case. I still get comments not only on those posts but readers will directly tweet me about a post I've previously published which is such a lovely feeling.

I hope these simple steps helped you with your blog traffic!

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Do you have any tips on driving traffic to old blog posts??

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Let's Talk Feet

Footcare products
For today's post I am going to be delving into an unspoken about practically extinct area that gets a lot of people's faces cringing and feeling uncomfortable and that is: feet. In this post I am going to share with you all some foot products that'll get your feet looking glamorous.

Feet are one of those areas that people overlook and don't often want to talk about. Some may be embarrassed by them whereas others may just hate the look and thought of them. This shouldn't be the case, I mean feet are one of the most important parts of our body, we use them every day to get to places. Therefore I think they deserve the most pampering and treatment!

I like to pamper my feet once or twice a week especially in the colder months just to keep them moisturized and prevent any soreness. Once I have showered I will get dry then take my Vama Glass Foot File and exfoliate my feet to remove any dead skin cells. Once my feet look a lot more smooth I will go ahead and take my Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream and let it sink into my feet to dry. This product moisturizes and exfoliates all in one so you could skip using a foot file and use just this alone. It smells very pleasant not like a lot of foot creams I have tried over the years, it takes around 10-15 minutes to dry then your feet are good to go!

If my feet have really had it rough for example say I have been on a huge walk and my feet are covered in blisters or just really ache I like to use the LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion just before I go to bed. I like to treat this as an overnight foot mask so by morning my feet are silky smooth and no longer in pain. This lotion smells delicious it is very minty which is refreshing but also allows your feet to feel really cool which is perfect if your feet swell up.

Other foot products I like to use is Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray* and I like to spray this into my gym trainers. Not that I ever get smelly feet but of course when you workout your feet tend to sweat. This spray really refreshes and keeps away any bad smells from my trainers. Another product I like to use is the Scholl Ultra Slim Party Feet Cushions and I like to apply these to any high heels I wear. I have always used cushions for my heels as there is nothing worse than having a night out and half way through the night you take your shoes off because your feet hurt. These help prevent pain as well as your feet sliding out!

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What is your favourite foot product??

Sunday, 11 October 2015

5 Simple Ways To Stay Active This Fall

5 simple ways to stay active this fall
I think for a lot of us a change in the season means putting our flip-flops and kimonos in the back of our wardrobes and hibernating indoors, binging on Netflix and hot chocolates until January. Yup, I am guilty of this. This season that's going to change and here are some ways to stay active this fall and that could stop you feeling as guilty to eat that third mince pie this Christmas.

1. Shopping: Putting this as my no.1 as I know y'all will love this one. Halloween, Christmas and other festive occasions just give us that perfect excuse to go wondering through town. Want to bake some Pinterest worthy Halloween treats? Walk to the shop, Want to see if you can find a new winter coat? Go wonder around town with a friend for a few hours. Shopping is great for keeping active, de-stress and you are avoiding the cold weather! Perfect.

2. Autumn-Clean: We've all heard of the term 'spring clean' right? So let's Autumn clean our house. Spend a couple of hours restyling your bedroom: get your winter clothes in your wardrobe, dig out those old boots, reorganize your desk space or put up more fairy lights. Just accessorize and revamp your house this will keep you on your toes and give you a positive attitude to keep active and motivated.

3. Be Sneaky: Gyms are known to be a lot more quiet during the colder months as a lot of us won't have the time or simply can't be bothered. Buy a fitness DVD or better yet Youtube some simple, quick workouts. Even though I will still be going to the gym this fall I know myself there will be days I won't want to and will be relying on good old Youtube for a quick workout.

4. Buy New Gear: If like myself you can feel yourself slowly starting to sway towards watching more Netflix shows rather than workout then this one's for you. Buy some new gear, I recently got sent some new gym wear from MyProtein* and this has definitely made me want to go workout and show off my new workout pants. Definitely check out their website they sell a variety of amazing sportswear and protein for both men and women, and the quality/price of them is incredible!

5. Blast The Christmas Tunes: It is never too early to listen to Christmas tunes and personally if you are doing some housework or working out what is so wrong with blasting out Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree to get the job done quicker and it's a lot more exciting too. 

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What do you do to keep active in fall??

Thursday, 8 October 2015

14 Autumnal Blog Post Ideas

14 Autumnal Blog Post Ideas
I love Autumn. It is most definitely my favourite time of the year followed by Winter which is literally just behind it, woo-hoo. I sometimes find once a season changes it can sometimes be a bit difficult to blog, perhaps studying has started again or work piles up. Today I wanted to share with you all 20 Autumnal Blog Post Ideas that'll get your little blogging brains moving! 

Grab your cups of teas and notebooks at the ready.

1. Autumnal Lip Products (mine)
2. Makeup Looks For Fall (Halloween tutorials)
3. Autumnal Haircare (mine)
4. Festive Fall Candles
5. Top Autumn Must-Have Accessories Jumpers, jumpers, jumpers!
6. Favourite Things About Autumn
7. Things To Do This Fall
8. Halloween DIY 
9. Spooky Baking
10. Autumn Morning and Evening Routine Mine will be up soon!
11. What To Do This Halloween
12. Autumn Skincare Routine
13. Fall Fashion
14. Autumn Primark Haul one of my favourites

What autumnal blog posts are you posting??

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Rose Gold Watch by Daniel Wellington

Rose Gold Watch by Daniel Wellington
Rose Gold Watch by Daniel Wellington
It's timeless, it's classy, it's rose gold, it's a Daniel Wellington watch! These watches have got me head over heels in love, particularly The Classic St Mawes*. To actually type out onto my keyboard that I own one of these stunning watches is just a dream come true.

Pairing the eye-catching rose gold detailing with the eggshell white dial and brown leather strap is very classic and elegant. This stunning accessory works well with all outfits and can really bring an outfit together. I have been wearing this watch with all sorts of outfits and I must admit it really stands out.

I personally love how simplistic and modern this watch looks, the rose gold detailing is an intricate design that catches a lot of attention. What most caught my eye were the exclusive Swarovski crystals on the eggshell white dial, it creates a timepiece that just makes it that extra bit special. I have tiny wrists and I think this size is perfect, not intimidating or too much, just the right size, perfect.

I have a wonderful 15% discount code to share with all you lovely readers if you were considering purchasing one of these stunning watches from their website especially with Christmas coming up! The code is katiesworldofbeauty and it will be valid until October 31st.
*PR Sample/gift.

What is your favourite Daniel Wellington watch??

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things I Currently Love

Things I currently Love
Y'know that saying 'out with the old and in with the new'? Well, I have went 'out with the new and in the with old' recently and started to dig out some oldie but goodie products I have had for quite awhile now which has turned out to be a success!

Benefit Dandelion Blush | Even though I much prefer deep, cerise shades of pink I have ditched the dark and been wearing this dusky pink blusher for my everyday makeup. This just adds a lovely spec of colour to your cheeks without being too much in your face. It looks incredibly natural and healthy on my skin and I would recommend this for people with similar pale skin to me to try this.

Judgement Gold Triangle* | I don't know what it is about triangles but I am instantly drawn to them when it comes to jewellery. This stunning piece makes any outfit look effortlessly great. I love how long it is and how it can style up a simple cami. LavishLuxe do the most intricate pieces of jewellery which I think are perfect for winter and the best part is they do free delivery on all things!

Medijel Gel | As grouse as it sounds my mouth has been suffering with a couple of nasty ulcers recently and since the likes of Bonjella, mouthwashes don't shift those pesky little buggers I decided to try Medijel. This stuff is good. It totally erases the ulcers within 1-2 days and reduces any pain!

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette | I decided to start using my highlighting palette again as now is the perfect time to start adding a bit of sparkle to my face since winter is near. This palette is just so pretty to look at and the product itself is pretty good too. I like to go ahead and use the white-ish shade to highlight my brow bone and cheek bones or if I have a pink blusher on that matches the pink highlight in this palette I will add a highlight of the pink to my cheeks too. This palette is great value for money and the product itself lasts such a long time on your skin.

Body Massager* | Sometimes after I have worked out at the gym I will start to feel muscle pain and the one thing I will want is a massage. I love the idea of a massage device that you can use yourself and not rely on someone else. This little tool has been amazing for reducing any pain and just generally relaxing. You can purchase this little cool device over on BornPrettyStore and I definitely recommend checking this store out as you can find tonnes of little products that won't break the bank. I also have a wonderful discount code for y'all to use: KATIH10 - You are welcome!

What have you loved using recently??


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