Saturday, 28 December 2013

Birchbox or Glossybox?

Birchbox or Glossybox?
Around September time I decided to put my student loan to good use and subscribe to a beauty box purposely to get more familiar with different brands and try out more products. At the time, I couldn't decide on whether to subscribe to Glossybox or Birchbox so I decided to go for both until the New Year and by that point I'd cancel one of my subscriptions. Which is what this post is all about!

Every month I get very eager for the postman to deliver my beauty boxes and most of the time I am not disappointed but I have been taken note on what I've been getting every month and will be talking briefly about products that stood out for me!

Glossybox September - HD Brows bronzer has become an everyday staple in make-up set. Dr Lipp balm has done wonders for my lips during this winter time.

Birchbox September - Demolished the chocolate fairly quickly and since this box I have purchased a few flavours and quite enjoyed it! I also have been carrying the mini size Bioderma with me when sleeping out so this has become super handy!
Birchbox or Glossybox?
Glossybox October - I have already used up the Katy Perry perfume and because of this sample I received the big size for Christmas! The Harmony smoothie serum has become a staple in my skincare.

Birchbox October - This box really appealed to me because by this point my Dr Lipp balm ran out so to receive another was saving my pennies! 
The products I received in this box were fairly expensive. The Egyptian cream is one product I used because it was one of those skincare products that helped improve the skin. Also been using the Laura Mercier foundation primer a few times too!
Birchbox or Glossybox?
Glossybox November - I was happy to receive an eyeshadow because I like trying new make-up brands so I was happy to get this. Also the Vichy products are highly blogged about so was happy to get to try them!

Birchbox November - I loved this box a lot! the herbal teas were nice (cinnamon not so much). I have used the shampoo up and the is a review ready to be posted and the Chella highlighter has really impressed me. 
Birchbox or Glossybox?
Glossybox December - The only thing I liked about this box was the nude lip gloss because it really suits my skin type. Other then that I was not impressed with my box. I got a vibrant blue eyeshadow which is not a colour I would ever where, also I received yet another perfume sample which is annoying after receiving them in the last 2 boxes.

Birchbox December - Have not had the chance to try any products just yet but the hairspray and eyeshadow looks appealing to try!

Overall Summary...
I think overall I am going to continue with my Birchbox subscription and cancel my Glossybox subscription sometime in the New Year. I was happy at first with my Glossybox but it got off putting receiving numerous perfume samples and products that are no use to me. September was the best box I ever received by Glossybox but the last 2 or even 3 were quite disappointing. One thing I would miss about this box is the appealing, reusable storage boxes the products arrive in.

 Birchbox always send out a variety of products for me to try and their box fits the chosen theme of that month really well! I always seem to use more of my Birchbox samples than I do of my Glossy ones. Plus you get more samples around 6-7 at a time so you get more of your moneys worth.

I hope this post has been somewhat help to people who are undecided on which box to subscribe to. These are just my personal opinions, the boxes may change next year but I don't want to continue paying £10-£12 a month for something I am not impressed with. 

So long my Glossybox subscription!

Glossybox or Birchbox?...


Friday, 22 November 2013

BabyLips Worth the Hype?

BabyLips Worth the Hype?
Probably breaking a few baby lips hearts out their (sorry guys!) but this post is a lip product that I don't think is worth its hype.
Maybelline Baby Lips have become very popular in the blogging world and everyone loves using them. They are worth I believe £2.99? which is cheap but - for me they aren't worth the hype everyone is given.

This is the one Maybelline babylips lip balm I own in pink punch.

I am glad it is the only one I own to be completely honest, I ain't too fussed about the £2.99 I am glad they are cheap to get a hold of because if this was say £7-8 I may have been more disappointed.

Before I even purchased the one Babylip I own I wasn't keen on the packaging, I had this discussion with another blogger on Twitter and she agreed. The packaging can put you off them as in my eyes it is a little tacky and cheap looking. I do like the colour of the actual lip product itself but the packaging for me was putting me off.

Anyway's I put the packaging to aside and when trailing around Boots admiring the make-up section I saw these on the side isles hanging down on one of those card stands. I picked the pink one up as pink is my common lip product colour to purchase and tried it once I got home.
When I first opened it I smelt it - I thought it smelt quite nice, but when I applied it to my lips my instant thought was "has it did anything?" because literally I felt no difference on my lips.
I tried it again a few days later before going to uni to see if it added anything to my lips..nope. I saw no difference I am applying it the right way I don't think the can be a right or wrong way to apply a lip product like this.
I tried it again not long after and noticed after 2 other attempts that this time my lips looked the tiniest bit pink not noticeable whatsoever. They don't moisturize very well either, they say they last '8 hours' I don't even think they lasted 5 minutes for me. It may just be this one shade - maybe others are better?

Smells nice
Easy to get a hold of
Appealing colours

took 3 attempts till I saw a tiny difference
not '8 hour' lasting
packaging isn't appealing
don't add much colour or moisture

I will keep retrying like this product as it is a shame to see something so hyped up for it not to work for me..maybe I need a darker shade? But unfortunately this shade was awful for me.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline Baby Lips?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Yankee Candle Haul

Yankee Candle Haul
 Christmas is just around the corner and me being a candle lover already this is the perfect time to stock up on some winter Yankee candles.
I am a student and of course times are hard with money so I stuck with purchasing a lot of samples and one big Yankee candle for the meantime! 

Yankee candles are amazing for looking for that perfect scent, they have a wide range of scents from sweet, fresh, fruity the lot!

If I like the scent of one of the samples then I may repurchase the bigger version, but honestly these will last me till Christmas right!?

Sun & Sand
I got this a good few months back but kept it until now to burn, anyway's it smells really nice and fresh it probably was a typical Summery scent but never mind! still can't wait to try it.

Pink Dragon Fruit
Again I got this awhile back and only took it out my cupboard now it smells amazing!
It is probably one of the nicest scents I have smelt from Yankee candles range. It is extremely fruity but fresh at the same time, I can imagine this being the perfect candle for your living room as it smells quite strong so it would overpower a room. The colour is pretty too I do love vibrant pinks!

Christmas Eve
Just the name of this gets me very excited for Christmas! this one is difficult to describe the scent, as all I can smell at the moment is cinnamon! it over powers them all - but from what I can smell its scent is a mixture of all Christmas scents in one candle that is the only way I can describe it.

Christmas Tree
Well like the name says it smells like Christmas trees! however as lovely as it smells I find it smelling a bit too much of perfume (unless my scent is bad!) this is just what I can smell. It does smell very much like Christmas and I can see me really liking this candle!

Winter Wonderland
The name of this has got me singing 'Walking in a winter wonderland' in my head, again the name is really Christmas themed and exciting! The smell of this is really nice it doesn't smell like 'winter wonderland' not that I can put my mind to what that smells of..but to me it smells fresh and something you would come across smelling around the Christmas period.

Sparkling Cinnamon
Cinnamon is one of my all time favorite scents and I enjoy it on the occasional foods! it just smells really nice and yummy. This candle is one of the strongest scents I have ever smelled from their range, it seriously over powers the rest of the candles. To me it smells like those fire ball sweets you used to be able to buy from the shop! it does smell very much like Christmas as cinnamon can be known for being Christmas scent.

Fireside Treats
This candle smells so yummy, exactly what the image is - it smells like marshmallows. I can see me really liking this scent as I do enjoy sweet scented candles that make you want to eat them!

Christmas Cookie
I get this candle every year and somehow it is always in my Christmas box off someone. I luckily got a jar last year of this and it lasted me a good while so I had to purchase the glass version this year. This candle just literally smells like biscuits to me, it is very much a sweet, yummy scent. It isn't to everyone's scents as my mam dislikes it but if you are one for yummy food scents then this is perfect!
Christmas and a sweet biscuit scent in one what more could you want from a Christmas candle!?

That is all my Yankee candles I have!
Some may say this is a lot but I love candles especially in winter!
I apologize if my description of each scent wasn't brilliant but it is hard to get their scents when the Cinnamon overpowers them all!

What is your favorite Christmas Yankee candle?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom

DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
This is totally different to what I would ever do on my blog but I have been thinking about new posts to create and this was one of them.
I enjoy watching DIY posts on blogs so I hope you's enjoy this one! it is my first one so it maybe a bit rusty until I get a tripod.

So enough of the boring intro...basically this is a DIY on how to create a vintage or 'shabby chic' deco for your bedroom re-using the Yankee candle jar. The is lots of different ways to reuse Yankee candle jars and this is one way!
You don't have to just use a candle jar you could use any jar you wanted to, the rose garments you can make yourself or purchase them off Amazon like I did.
It is a cute way to brighten up your room without spending a fortune :)

All you need is:
Rose Garment
Yankee jar (or any jar)

Hand cream
Toilet roll tube
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step one: 
Firstly, just for the people who are re-using a candle jar - you need to freeze your jar for about half an hour or put boiling water into your jar to steep to get rid of the access wax.
Once you have the jar ready grab your scissors and rose garment!
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step Two:
Now for this you need to cut your garment up in two depending on the length of it. Cut it to your satisfaction. I cut mine into two and then cut one part into another two just so I knew it would fit into the jar. (a whole garment won't fit or it will be too much)
With the remains of the garment just keep it for now as you can use it for other purposes.
But...if your garment is like this one I am using and has metal wire inside you may find it tricky to cut it with scissors so maybe pliers is better to use.
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step 3:
At this point you take your garment you are going to place into the jar and curl it as though it was twirly pasta! if you are finding it difficult to curl as it is a bit hands on and can hurt your hands especially with metal inside, use a toilet roll tube and rap your garment around that.
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Final Step:
Now just start at one end and place it into your jar, this is the most fiddly bit I found. Move the roses and the wire around to suit your satisfactory, if you find the is too much garment cut some more off. Or if the is to little grab some more from the other section until it suits you then add the lid...and their you go! your own cute vintage deco for your bedroom!
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
This is the final image of mine!

I hope you enjoyed this post and may possibly use this in your room or even in bathroom! I never like wasting things that can be storage or deco for my room so a lot of things in my room I have re-used or used as something else, if you are interested in more of these let me know I could do other ways to re-use jars or I could show you other cute ways to create your room to look a little vintage!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My new boots

I thought I would do a quick post on some new shoes I have purchased that I have been in love with for wearing in winter.
Winter is my favourite time of year for fashion and styling etc, I love the whole concept of thick over sized jumpers, ankle boots and nice fluffy socks!
I have seen these boots a few times on people around town and they have always stood out to me but I always put off getting them...

...until I came across these on Ebay from here they are my favourite winter boots I have had my eye on this year. When I first saw them they didn't have my size so I kept checking (they are very popular so hard to get a hold of) but when I saw these in my size eventually I instantly had to purchase them!

I was so anxious for them to arrive but when they did I was at a party on that nighttime they arrived so I wore these for it. They are so comfortable! like I wasn't sure if they would hurt my feet or not but I found them so comfortable and warm.

What I love about these boots is they are easy to style with anything. I have worn mine with skater skirts but you could wear them with jeans, skater dresses, leggings..anything really can work with these.

What I love about these types of boots is they focus a lot on your legs like they can make your legs look thinner and longer. (I am a little small so these are great!)

They are in trend at the moment so they are very popular and difficult to get your hands on. Topshop and River island sell these but they are a bit more pricey, mine were £33 which is brilliant compared to the high street shops.

What have been your favourite winter boots?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Christmas Lush Haul

With winter on the way Lush are starting to bring out their Christmas cosmetic collections so I went in for a little browse and ended up coming out with a lot of things...the unfortunate thing is I wanted more than I got!

I love Lush and the is a big clue in the name why it is called what it is. 
When I went in the store the was so many products I wanted to purchase! I did go a little overboard on the products but it has been so long since I last was in their so it was needed..
The woman who served me even said 'are these all for you!?'..awkwardly I had to say no but of course they are! I have enough to last me till Christmas!
I love their Christmas selections of bathbombs, masks, shower gels etc etc and these were the ones I purchased...
Top left is: The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar...
How cute is he!? he was the first product I saw when I walked in, he is so cute! I don't even want to use him. Not that he looks much of a penguin but you can tell what he is, he is a bubble bath bar. I am excited to try this but I have the slightest feeling he isn't going to be as great as his appearance!

Top right is: Secret Santa Bath Bomb...
This was so expensive but look how big it is! it is quite a heavy bath bomb. I can't work out what it smells like because my nose is mixed of all scents but appearance wise I was really impressed with. Lush have definitely upped their game since last Christmas!

Bottom left is: Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb...
This smells gorgeous! it reminds me of Twilight for some slight reason, it looks like it will make my bath create a lot of colours!

Bottom right: So white Bath Bomb...
This bathbomb looks so relaxing I am sure they did this last year but a smaller version. It smells like apple it is so yummy! can't wait to try this!
Top left is: Shoot for the Stars Bath bomb...
The colours look so pretty! I love how much detail has been put into the design for this. Just when you think lush can't get any better they go and create this

Top right is: The Melting snowman Luxury bath melt...
I purchased this because of how cute it is! a melted snowman come on..I have already used this bath melt and to be completely honest with you it isn't that great. Obviously I wasn't expecting a bath bomb explosion of colours or anything but I'd of thought it would at least smell nice. Unfortunately I didn't like the smell and it didn't really do much for me :( which is a shame as it is cute!

Bottom left is: Father Christmas bath bomb...
This is another cute bath bomb that caught my eye as are mostly all of these clearly..I have a feeling this bath bomb is going to be really great just by the colours!

Bottom right is: Golden Wonder bath bomb...
Out of all the bath bombs I picked up this one was the messiest it is covered in gold glitter and is quite heavy/big. Even just taken the photo of it was a hassle as it went on my bed! but nonetheless I am excited to try this! it is going to make my bath very glittery (my mam won't be impressed).
Snow fairy shower gel..
Every year Lush bring this shower gel out around Christmas time, it is an amazing yummy scented shower gel. I always purchase this every year so it was no surprise that I got it this year too. I got the small sized bottle because I have been liking a few other shower gels, but nonetheless I recommend this to you as it has a lovely yummy candy floss scent to it.

Hand & body lotion charity pot...
I always get these whenever my last one expires or has ran out so I got another one, these are handy to carry in your bags especially in this time of year. I like to carry these to uni with me and whenever I feel dry hands or elbows etc I just apply this. 

That is all the Lush products I purchased I hope you like them! I might have to create a Lush wishlist as the was so much more I could have purchased. Definitely check out their new products if you are like me and love bath bombs!
Lush have really impressed me this year and I am looking forward to trying these!

What Lush product you lusting over?

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Insomnia Tips

Insomnia tips
Not my image
I decided to go down a different root today for a post.
I got some good responses to my tips/trick posts so I decided to keep them going every so often. On the agenda of today I decided to talk about something we all get at least once in our life: insomnia, I thought this was a good post to write about as a few nights ago I had terrible sleep due to being back to Uni...

I have had insomnia before a few times, been to the doctors for it and tried other remedies which I thought may help any of you's out their who struggle to sleep with exams, presentations, deadlines just general stress! I thought now would be a good time to write this post as everyone is back to college/university :)

I am no way a expert in this but I do have some tips for you's that may help you out. A lot of you have probably already heard some or all but I am going to go ahead anyway's as it is nice to refresh your brain!
I never know how to get into these posts but anyway's insomnia: everyone will experience it once in their lives. It isn't anything serious or an illness it is just a problematic, stressful experience to have that has a lot to do with your brain that makes it difficult for you to get to sleep. If you are like me and stress out a lot with work, exams, deadlines etc it can be hard to get rid of those thoughts and go to sleep with ease. 

The signs of insomnia are:
difficulty fallen asleep 
waking up during the night 
waking up early in the morning 
feeling irritable and tired and finding it difficult to function during the day

My Story..
I suffered with insomnia badly when I had my GCSES and sometimes at A level. I started getting insomnia really bad when I was up working on Art deadlines at 11-12 at night. This wasn't the best of nights but we've all had those working up all nights on deadlines or studying! 
When going through my GCSES I had a lot of exams in the same week some were even the day after I just sat one. So my stress levels were really high and I struggled a lot with sleeping - down to nerves, anxiety that sort of stuff! 

...I used to stress myself out so much when I was in bed the night before an exam. I'd sit in bed thinking of how my exam will go, this lead me into staying awake, which lead me into imagining getting no sleep and fallen asleep in an exam - failing. So this panicked me and I would end up crying and tell my mam (such a drama queen).

But sometimes it helped just to know someone else was awake (even though I woke her up every time) but once I went and told my mam she would always say something like 'get a drink' or 'read a book' which weren't the best ideas but were comforting for me to actually get some sleep. Unsure how but sometimes you need reassurance at the weirdest of times.

Anyway's my insomnia got bad at times I was snappy (typical teenager) with lack of sleep so I travelled to my doctors to see what they would recommend.
Obviously with it being insomnia the isn't a lot a doctor can advise other than leaflets and talks. I read through the leaflet they gave me honestly didn't help at all.

These are the things I did find helpful though for me: 
Getting into a routine of bedtime around 10-11pm
Listen to music with an eyemask on
spray lavender scents on your pillow
stop doing work at 9 the latest
take your mind off work by watching tv, talking to a friend etc

Other helpful tips to help me sleep that doctor didn't advise:

Green Tea helped me get a better sleep and helped me wake up better
Going to bed when I was tired - nothing worse than going to bed and not being tired
Stop working an hour or more before bed it gives your brain time to relax
Just generally not thinking about exams or anything worrying coming up

Surprisingly I grew out of insomnia once my exams were over with, once it hit A level and I got it again I just realised to be calm about it all and relax. Don't think about your exams, be relaxed and just think of something exciting like your holiday abroad or Christmas etc when trying to get to sleep.
I obviously still at times get sleepless nights off stress etc but the only thing I can recommend is NOT TO THINK ABOUT WHATEVER IS STRESSING YOU OUT. I know it is hard to get rid of that thought but if you do that you'd be surprised as to how simple getting to sleep can be.

I do hope this helped anyone who suffers with sleepless nights with stress, anxiety do let me know if this helped anyone!


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Origins Charcoal mask Review

Origin's is such a popular brand on blogs and youtube so I was curious to see the fuss. This was one of the products that got raved about on blogs for oily skin and since I suffer with oily skin I was curious about this product. 

Having already tried Origins super spot remover awhile back and was disappointed with the results I was sceptical about trying another product for improving skin types. However, I thought since its a mask it maybe more beneficial than a simple dab over a spot. So I purchased this and do not regret it one bit!

This mask has helped improve my skin so much! if a mask can do this much for my face I wonder what the other masks do! 
I was so confused with how to apply this as it says to use a damp warm towel which I thought was too complicated as I prefer using my hands.
I tried both my hands and a towel - both ways are great but personally, I prefer using my hands to apply it.

The product when you apply a bit to your hand looks scary as it is this black/dark blue colour. The consistency is thick which allowed it to be easier to apply, you are supposed to remove it once it has dried in your skin. So I like to leave it for 5-7 minutes or so. Once removed off my skin I noticed a few differences straight away: my skin felt like it had just gained 100 splashes of moisture it felt so soft and hydrated, my discoloration from spots in the past had shrunk so much and the spots I did have dried up instantly. Just to get results like that after one use is amazing so I knew it would get better after a few more tries.

I use this once or twice a week but when I do use it my skin improves more and more each time. I now notice my skin isn't as red as it used to be because when I apply make-up I am not having to use as much foundation or concealer to cover up. I also noticed my overall skin type had improved since I suffer with oily skin I do feel like this has helped stop my skin being as oily because, when I wear my make-up for a few hours my make-up isn't starting to shine as much as it used to be.

dries up those little spots
hydrates your skin by 100%
decreases redness and discoloration
smells really organic and fresh
results are fairly quick

expensive to buy

Overall I love this product and will definitely be repurchasing this in the future. I do see why everyone raves about Origin's so much, not all products are for everyone but I do think if you are like me and suffer with oily skin to give this a shot!

Leave any comments below

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Topshop Lipsticks Review

 I thought today I would do a blog post on something I have loved for ages but never see raved about enough on blogs these are Topshop lipsticks! A few year ago Topshop had created a make-up line in their store/online, the make-up range was products such as: nail vanishes, lipsticks, glosses, brushes, blushers, eyeliners and so on. Lipsticks were the things that appealed most to me with their dainty names and dazzling colour range I just had to try their lipsticks. Over time this escalated to having 5 of their range of lipsticks. I want more & more of them but at the moment I hold 5. 
1. Innocent
Innocent is a pastel type of purple so almost like a lilac but, when applied on the lips looks more like a pastel pink/purple rather than just purple. My friend was wearing this lipstick when we were out and I had to ask where it was from as it was a lovely colour - like a natural colour, not too in your face and not too plain. It just gives the right amount of colour, I don't think this is to everyone's taste in shade but it is something to look into. It is build-able but to be honest building on a pastel purple isn't always a nice colour it looks nice with just a little bit applied.

2. Macaroon
Macaroon was one of those colours you either love or hate I am a big sucker for pink lips so when I saw this I thought 'oh its going to be too pink' but I swatched it on my hand in the Topshop store and it looked lovely, not too in  your face at all!
The name reminds me of macaroon's as in the little deserts you can eat, so the name sounded tasty. The colour when you open the lipstick looks orangey/pink and when you apply it to your lips comes out exactly like a pinky orange, it is a lovely summery colour. I would wear this more in Summer than winter but it is a lovely colour - again buildable too.

3. Ohh Lala
Ohh lala (I think it is spelt) is a straight up orange lipstick, not that I am a fan of wearing orange lips I purchased this years ago it was my first ever one I got so, at the time I obviously didn't pay much attention to what I was purchasing I just wanted to grab one. It is a nice colour and I have wore it once or twice but I don't think it suits my complexion very well. Nonetheless if you are after a orange lipstick that is not too in your face but has a decent amount of cover on your lips then I recommend this.

4. Brighton Rock
This has such a dainty name as do all their names, but this one for me is my all time favourite Topshop lipstick. I love everything about this lipstick it is a vibrant pink not luminous pink but I kind of pink you'd want to wear that makes your lips noticeable. I wear this colour a lot on nice occasions, it tends to be my lipstick to wear on a night out as it suits my skin really well.  I do recommend this lipstick if you are like me and love pink lips! the coverage is brilliant - it is tough to remove though!

5. Pillow Talk
Not last but least Pillow Talk, I got this lipstick for my mam when I was in London's Topshop but I like to steal if from time to time. Anyway's this is a gorgeous, light pink shade, on your lips it does have to be buildable as it is really fair colour. But once you have put enough cover on you will see how pretty the colour is. I like to wear this for a day to day wear, so when I go shopping or even just to uni I like something not too noticeable but you know the is something on your lips (if that makes any sense!) I do recommend this lipstick to people who suit light pink lips as I don't think this will be to everyone's taste as it doesn't suit everyone's skin tone unfortunately!

I do recommend you check out Topshop's range of lipsticks I think they are between £10 - £15 but if you are a student you can get discount!
I love everything about these lipsticks, the packaging they come in is really cute as is the container they are in.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Origins GinZing Eyecream Review

Having saw tonnes and tonnes of reviews on Origins Ginzing eye-cream and had created a Origin's wishlist I thought it was about time I put my student loan to good use.
I finally purchased this cream in Boot's a few weeks back when on a little browse, picking up the last tub their.

I put off purchasing this product for months because of the price £23 and because I didn't want to pay that much for an eye-cream  I am 19 and I didn't feel like I needed a eye-cream just yet but nonetheless it was a impulse buy because of all the hype and I don't regret getting it.

Once I was ready for bed I dabbed a tiny amount of this under my eyes and went to sleep. I did the same thing for the morning - washed my face, then applied a bit before I applied my moisturiser. I use this product morning and evening and after one full day I noticed a difference.

I noticed my dark circle weren't as noticeable which was great as nobody likes them! I also noticed under my eyes looked exactly what the box says 'refreshed and brightens' this is a brilliant boost for those mornings or evenings you feel like you look like basically crap. It de-puffs your eyes a lot, so if you are one of those people who suffer with puffy eyes - I recommend you give this a shot, even if you try and ask for a sample it is worth it.

Its odd because I associate eye-creams with the more 20+ and over age but this definitely worked for me, especially on those nights I am working late or mornings where I have had lack of sleep. This reboots my eyes a lot and allows me to look like I have had a decent sleep.

Overall I highly recommend this eye-cream to everyone! definitely worth the hype and this little tub lasts absolutely ages! 
Leave any comments below

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Spot The Difference: Eos vs Balmi

 I thought I would do something different today on two lip products: Eos balm and the Balmi lipbalm, since they are very similar. I will just be given a overview on what I think is good and bad about these two products.

First of all for those who don't already know eos balms are known to be purchased in America or online and the Balmi lipbalms can be purchased in Boot's in the UK. I had heard of the eos balms for years but never got around to ordering one, until recently.

 I came across the Balmi lipbalms last year sometime in Boot's and thought 'oh these look like Eos balms' so I thought I would give it a go. Mine is in the flavour coconut if anyone wants to know. Anyway's firstly it smells delicious, it is very moisturising, definitely hydrates your lips, it is long lasting and easy to apply. All of which are amazing! 

I came across the Eos balms on Amazon last month and thought 'why not' so I ordered the strawberry one, it did take awhile to arrive but when it did I instantly gave it a try. To be completely honest with you..I don't know if it as worthy as what the Balmi lipbalms are. I felt like nothing was rolling on my lips and it was very minimal hydration. I will obviously give it more time to review but first thoughts aren't as great as Balmi's were.

Spot the difference...

Very hydrating
lasts a long time on lips
smells delicious
fairly reasonable price
easy to apply

Eos Balm
Not very hydrating
not long lasting
smells delicious
fairly reasonable price
easy to apply

Hope you enjoyed this post as its something different! leave any comments below!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Real Technique Complexion Sponge Review

 Today I thought I would do a mini review on a product I have been loving lately in my make-up routine! The Real Technique's Miracle Complexion Sponge is very popular in the blogging world so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about myself...
Already being a lover for The Real Technique brushes I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in the sponge.

When I first purchased this I never knew which bit was for what so I went onto The Real Techniques website and Samantha Chapman has a video demonstrating how to use each part of the sponge.
I was amazed as to how many products you could use with just one sponge! it is such a flexible product for make-up
My thoughts on applying foundation...
When I first tried this I used it for foundation, I applied a bit of foundation on the back of my hand then dabbed the flat surface area of the sponge onto the foundation then to my face. It blended my foundation in nicely and a lot quicker than what foundation, stippling or expert face brushes do.
I loved the way it made my foundation look - lighter, higher end and flawless.
I do think brushes cover over redness and blemishes better than what the sponge does from what I have experienced but the concealer pointed corner helps with that...
Using the sponge for foundation is such a good easy make-up applicator, you have more control with the sponge than you do with brushes. It is a quicker routine for those 'in a rush' days or suitable for people who don't want thick coverage.

Pros for applying foundation:
Quicker routine for applying
lighter coverage
looks flawless and healthy
Easy to use

Cons for applying foundation:
Doesn't cover up blemishes as well as brushes

My thoughts on blending in concealer...
I was really surprised as to how good a sponge can blend and cover up blemishes, redness, under eye dark circles etc!
For this I focused on using the pointed tip and the rounded sides for concealer. I firstly applied a few dabs of concealer with the concealer stick applicator that comes with my concealer onto under my eyes. With the sponge I take the pointed tip and literally dab it in with the point and with any remains I take the rounded sides and role the rest in to blend in better.
This sponge is such a good cover up for concealers I highly recommend this to anyone! I usually just use a concealer brush or my finger to blend in concealer but none of them match to what this sponge does! it definitely is a miracle complexion sponge,

Pros of applying concealer...
Blends in really well
coverage is high
a simple applicator to use

No cons!

I haven't yet tried this sponge for applying blush or powder, but I do already use a sponge to apply powder (I recommend you try that if you don't already it is better coverage!)
but I will eventually will try as I have been impressed already with how well it blends in concealer and foundation.

I highly recommend this sponge to everyone! especially people who don't like spending ages blending in foundations or getting mess on their hands.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ombre Haircare

Ombre Haircare A few of you have suggested for me to create a ombre haircare story about products I use and how I look after it so I decided to finally post about it! Above are all of the products I use to look after my ombre.
Marilyn hair mask from LUSH has been spoken about before on my blog, I purchased this because when you first ombre your hair a lot of people get this 'brassy colour' so I wanted to gradually get it looking lighter and this mask helped do that. It helped condition my hair too which is something you need to do quite often with ombre hair.

Aussie is one of my favourite haircare brands, I like to use this deep treatment occasionally when my ends are looking frizzy and dull but, don't want to put a mask on that takes 10 minutes. This leaves my ends soft and definitely helps get rid of that 'frizzy dull' feel to my ends...has a nice smell too!

Herbal Essences hair masks are something I would recommend. This one helped keep my ends in good condition from breaking and becoming dry. As when you ombre your hair it can become quite dry, I have ombre'd my hair twice and I used this straight after I dyed it just to give me hair a deep treatment. It did the job!

When you bleach your ends of your hair of course you are going to suffer with some frizz and damage but it can be controlled and for me these two products helped that.
Again..Aussie saved the day for my ends! this not only helped maintain the frizz it helped condition my ends. Bleach leaves your hair with a damaged texture this stops that and helps put your condition back in.

Charles Worthington is probably one of the only Higher end products I have purchased and loved. I felt as though this cream did a similar job to Aussie it locked in condition and maintained frizz so the isn't a lot I can say about this that hasn't been already covered. Recommend both or either!

After I bleach my hair and washed it off, I apply the Moroccan Oil when my hair is damp. I noticed so many good things about this product it softens my ends, adds a serious amount of health to it, gives it a lovely shine and helps get rid of the brassy colour. For me this has been a holy grail for ombre cannot recommend this product enough!
This was took last month so my hair hasn't really changed since then, this is basically what it looks like since May. All of these products mentioned + the sun had helped my hair look this colour.

1. if you have really thin damaged hair don't use this!
2. after you bleach your hair apply a mask then an oil this will instantly help repair your hair
3. try to avoid heat for a few days just so your hair gets to repair
4. constantly apply a mask or treatments to your hair every other day
5. don't over use products I applied each of these every other time I washed my hair!
6. Macadamia Oil and deep mask packet is what I used after bleaching my hair first time it is cheaper than some products if you want to try their range

Leave any comments below!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Bio Oil Review

bio oil review
Hey everyone! So today I thought I would do a little review on a product I have been using on and off for quite some time now but has worked wonders for my skin! Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare well known for treating scarring or stretch marks, it has other benefits of course but these are the two most common reasons people purchase it

Even though I haven't gained weight, had a baby or been pregnant, I still unfortunately have a few stretch marks on my thighs. Since I am still young this is all to do with teenage hormones and growing up from a child to a teenager, so if anyone else is a teenager that suffers with them and isn't sure why don't worry, your body is just growing up! 

I have been using Bio Oil to help reduce the appearance of spot scarring on my face as unfortunately I suffer with them and stretch marks on my upper thighs. 

A little goes a long way with this bottle and I purchased the 60ml bottle a good half a year ago maybe longer, it isn't the biggest but it is ideal as it lasts so so long! I am only half way through using it so you do the maths!

I apply a tiny amount to the palm of my hand and rub together then massage it gently to my stretch marks (massaging in for 1-2 minutes). I sometimes repeat the process twice morning and evening if I have the time.

For my face scars I tend to not apply this to my palms I dab a little bit onto my finger and apply it to areas that are scarred or over a spot that I know will scar.I also only use this once a day because... 
1. I still get occasional spots and Bio-oil advise you not to use this whilst having blemished skin.
2. I have blemished prone skin so trying oils and new products can break me out sometimes.
3. I suffer with oily skin as it is. I feel like I am just adding more oil to it if I cover my face in it.

Finale results! - Since I have been applying Bio-Oil to my stretch marks for almost 2-3 weeks properly I have noticed an amazing difference. I wouldn't even say I have stretch marks anymore because this oil has completely wiped them away. Just after one use (having rubbed in 2 minutes) I noticed the next morning they weren't as noticeable.
So after a few weeks you'd not even think I had any they completely faded away.
I should have took photos of a before and after process but I wasn't confident enough to try this!
Unfortunately I have only been using Bio-Oil on my face for a few evenings now because I was reluctant to. So I can't give you my opinion just yet, but when I do I will be sure to tell you's.

Tips...Personally if you have stretch marks and want rid of them properly I suggest just every evening (if you have time morning too!) applying this to your scars or stretch marks and rub in a circular motion for 2 minutes, TRUST ME the better attention you give you skin the quicker the results will come.
If you are like me and afraid to apply oils to your face just dab a tiny bit onto areas that are scarred or just over a spot that way you aren't covering your whole face in oil and looking like you are about to get cooked.

Have you tried Bio Oil??


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