Thursday, 15 December 2016

Festive Lips

Festive Lips
I mentioned in my Getting In The Festive Spirit post that changing your lipstick shades to red and purple can help get you in the mood for Christmas. Following on from that post I've decided to share with you's what lip products I have been reaching out for this season.

Chanel Lipstick 'Arthur' | A Chanel lipstick is the crème de la crème of all lipsticks and owning one of their classics is amazing. This creamy lipstick is definitely worth the splurge as the pigmentation is incredibly long lasting. Not too dark of a red, but not too light either and the consistency feels very moisturizing. This is perfect for both day and night.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 'Crush Begian' | I absolutely love Revlon's Balm Stains, the pigmentation is so long lasting and I find these a lot easier to apply than a lipstick. I always carry this in my bag for on the go in case I want something dark on my lips but don't want to be spending ages perfecting them. They are quite moisturizing as well which is a bonus for this time of the year.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream 'Rioja Red' | If I want something a bit more dramatic and bold I tend to reach for the Sleek Matte Lip Creams. I like the application of these lip creams, you have a lot more control on applying them. These are so long lasting to the point I have to scrub my lips to remove the product.

Mac Lipstick 'Rebel' | Not the biggest Mac lipstick fan, but one of the few I like is Rebel which is this deep, purple shade. This lipstick really defines my lips and gives them an amazing shape, which lasts all day long. What I like most about this lipstick is how moisturizing it feels.

Nars Lip Pencil 'Cruella' | Saved the best till last, Nars lip pencils are literally amazing and well worth the price. Pencils definitely give you more control and help give your lips an amazing shape. These lip pencils do not budge from my lips, I always reach for this shade around this time of the year.

What is your favourite winter lip??

Monday, 5 December 2016

Getting Into The Festive Spirit

Getting Into The Festive Spirit
I don't know about anyone else, but this year I'm not really feeling as Christmassy as I'd like to be. This time of the year is hectic and stressful with deadlines, work, present buying and whatnot, so it's often quite difficult to feel prepared for all the festiveness. I've recently been doing simple things to get me into the festive spirit and shake off the bah-humbug attitude and decided to share them with those of you who aren't feeling it this year too.

1. Baking | Whether it's baking shortbread shaped stars or building your own gingerbread house, it definitely helps to get you in the festive spirit. Pop a Christmas playlist on the background, maybe grab an extra pair of hands and spend a cold afternoon baking delicious treats.

2. Christmas Movies | Netflix has a few I believe and I know some channels are starting to pop some on, but watching a Christmas film can definitely get you in the mood. Some of my personal favourites are Disney's Christmas Carol, The Polar Express and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Can you tell I like animated movies?

3. Change Makeup | Guys probably won't follow this tip so much, but for those beauty addicts simply swapping your lipstick to red or purple and your matte eyeshadows to glitter, can really help. I always like to change my makeup routine up every now and then, plus this is the perfect time of year to be able to go bold with makeup.

4. Visit Markets | There are loads of festive markets on at the moment, so it is worth checking some out and stuffing your face with burgers and churros. I love markets at this time of year you find some really quirky gift ideas too.

5. Games | Christmas is all to do with family and spending time with loved ones, so what better way to bond then playing some games? I have a puzzle book from The Range, filled with Christmas crosswords, word searches, Sudoku and colouring in. These are great for relaxing as well if you are feeling overwhelmed with Christmas shopping.

6. Ice Skating | Not much of a skater myself, but it is good fun to wrap up in hat, gloves and scarf and go ice skating with a couple of friends.

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What have you done to get into the festive spirit??

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers
Can we all just take a moment to let it sink in that Christmas is only 4 weeks away, like what on earth? Panic mode is setting in now. This year I seem to have brushed Christmas shopping aside, thinking I've got loads of time and it's only until my friends and family have almost finished, that I realized, shit.

I presume 90% of you who've clicked on this post are in need of some Christmas inspiration, so I've created a little gift guide for those beauty fanatics you have in your life.

Skincare Sets
Skincare sets aren't for every beauty lover, but if you know someone who really cherishes taking care of their skin then why not? Brands such as LUSH, Kiehl's, Clinique, Elemis, Origins all do amazing gift sets that save you so much money. I've picked up The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish from Boots, which comes in this cute pouch along with two Muslim cloths retailing at £15.50. Everyone either wants or has C&P and I think this little beauty would make a lot of girls very happy, plus it's used by women of all ages, so perfect for your mums, sisters etc.

If you know someone who is looking to start out with makeup or who just wants to add to their collection, then here are a couple of bits worth checking out. Boots currently sell a set of four Sleek Mini Matte Me Lip Liquid Lipsticks for £5.00 and considering one full sized would cost you the same price, it's worth picking up and saving £15. Could even split them up and pop each one in a stocking. I bought this for myself (don't judge me) but I thought it was a bargain worth mentioning. Other makeup brands to look into with great sets are Benefit, NARS, Makeup Revolution and Too Faced.

If you are buying for the more mature women the Lipstick & Powder Compact Duo by Joan Collins* is worth checking out. This compact comes with a cute powder with a sponge applicator, a lipstick of your choice and a mirror, perfect little handbag compact. The packaging looks very elegant and luxurious, I just think this would make the perfect little stocking filler.

Toni&Guy do some amazing deals around Christmas on their hair electrics and one that looks incredible is the Toni&Guy Limited Edition Illusions Styler* retailing at £40.49 at the moment at Boots and was £90! This style is perfect for not only straightening, hair but curling, and waving too, so if you know someone who is in need of a brand new all in one hair styler definitely check this amazing bargain out. Other hair care brands to check out with amazing deals on are Bumble&Bumble, Tigi and Moroccan Oil.

Brands such as Soap&Glory, LUSH and Dove always stock some amazing Christmas gift sets for pampering your body and are so affordable and easy gifts for people. I've thought outside the box and included a Coffee Body Scrub by the brand Grounded available at Boots. These coffee scrubs have been popping up everywhere on social media this year and I figured they would make a lovely little gift for someone you know who enjoys the pampering. If you are wanting something more luxurious Laura Mercier do some amazing gift sets for pampering.

Something a bit more affordable to look at buying is the Soap&Glory Body Mists, Jack Will Sprays, Zara Perfume or even Impulse Body Sprays. I always receive an impulse set in my Christmas stocking because they are so easy to pop in your bag for freshening up throughout the day. At the moment Impulse* have a gift set of 3 full sized Body Sprays and a lovely black clutch bag retailing at £8.00 at the moment on Amazon. Which is such a good steal and makes the perfect little gift! If you are looking at perfume gift sets Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Ted Baker all do some great sets that aren't massively pricey either.

What are you buying that someone who loves all things beauty??

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

9 Gross Beauty Things All Girls Do

9 Gross Beauty Things All Girls Do
source – Makeup Savvy
If you haven't gone a week without cleaning your makeup brushes then you are probably lying, but after you read this post you will feel reassured that every girl does this and a whole lot more gross stuff. It takes a great deal of time to look after our skin, but not everybody knows the extent it can go to. For today I wanted to share with you 11 gross beauty things that all girls do which you can hopefully relate to.

Sorry guys but girls are pretty disgusting too.

1. Not Cleaning Brushes - I think this is a pretty obvious one that every girl can relate towards. In our defence it takes us alone half an hour or more to apply the makeup and then another 10 minutes to remove it every day, so where do we fit in the time? And don't get me started on the Beauty Blenders.

2. Out Of Date Products - How would we know when a product goes out of date? Do we care? Unless there is a label telling me my Benefit blusher expires March 22nd, 2015 or the product has started gathering wildlife, then I will keep using it until I get bored.

3. Tasting Lip Products - 9 times out of 10 lipstick reviews will comment on how good they taste which seems strange but for some reason we all do it. If a lip product smells or tastes nice it definitely makes a difference.

4. Using Your Fingers - Whether it's blending concealer, wiping away mascara smudges or over lipstick marks, we have all used our fingers for our makeup. I'm pretty sure when I was younger, I guiltily used my fingers to blend my foundation in.

5. Sharing Makeup - You get together with a few of the girls and you realise you forgot your mascara so your friend kindly lets you use hers or you let her borrow your lipstick. We've all shared 1 or 2 lipsticks over the years and it is kinda gross.

6. Picking Nail Vanish - If you've chipped a nail, it just seems so much more satisfying picking the rest off than having to reapply it all.

7. Slept In Makeup - Guilty of doing this more times than I care to admit.

8. Repurchasing Razor - Buying a razor is just as bad as buying sanitary towels and it is such a boring product to have to constantly repurchase and they aren't cheap! But we all reuse that razor that we know needs thrown out.

9. Pulling Hair - This is so gross but so true, we all enjoy after a shower, pulling out all the loose strands of hair and seeing how much has fallen out. This is quite scary the more you actually think about it.

What gross beauty things do you do??

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tips On Surviving A Winter Cold

Tips To Avoid Colds And Flu This Winter
Nobody likes it when the season starts to change, especially if you are one of the unlucky ones who catch a cold/flu. I hate getting a cold, I would much prefer to have a headache than a runny nose and a bad cough. Over the past two months, I have really been trying my best to avoid getting poorly this season. Today I wanted to share some tips that could help decrease your chances of getting poorly this season.

1. Keep Hydrated: I know its the tip everyone recommends but drinking a lot of water every day can have such an impact on how you feel throughout the day. If I don't drink enough water I feel sluggish and sometimes I get a headache. Keeping hydrated definitely decreases your chances of getting poorly.

2. Lots of Vitamin C: I read somewhere that upping your vitamin intake can really help your chances of not getting a cold. Some say taking a vitamin C tablet everyday works and others don't, for me personally I found it's definitely decreased my chances of getting unwell. So it is worth giving it a try!

3. Plenty of Rest: Another tip that everyone recommends is getting plenty of rest and it really does work. Having 8 hours sleep every night better your chances of fighting off any bugs that you may get if you had slept less. I find I get a better nights sleep if I pop my sleeping mask on from Ooloom*.

4. Eat Properly: We all like to indulge in the odd takeaway or chocolate cake but, if you eat 3 proper meals a day with lots of greens. Getting lots of nutrients definitely helps with avoiding colds.

5. Drink Immune Tea: Not sure if it works, but drinking immune herbal teas has definitely helped me not get unwell as often. These teas are amazing they are packed with lots of vitamins and are a great drink to wind down within the evening.

6. Be Hygienic: Another kinda obvious one but keeping yourself clean and carrying around hand sanitiser is definitely a must for me. With everyone run down with a cold this time of year, it's important to try and fight off any nasty germs.

What do you do to avoid catching a cold??

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Clock Change: Top Tips For A Good Nights Rest

Top Tips For A Good Nights Rest
Am I the only one who feels as though sleep is just not an option lately? Especially since the clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and the evenings are getting chillier. I find that a good night's rest is just not an option at the moment, so lately I have been changing things up a bit and trying out new techniques that, believe it or not, have improved my sleeping pattern and my nasty dark circles! 

Here are some tips that will help you to sleep easier and better.

1. Get a Routine - This is definitely the most significant step to get a better night's sleep. Set yourself time for every evening to unwind and de-stress as this will completely relax your body before bed.

2. 9pm Turn Off - Since the New Year I set myself a goal to spend less time on my computer and more time doing other hobbies and believe it or not I have gained a better night's sleep. Definitely try and step away from your laptops an hour before bed and relax with a book or even some music.

3. Herbal Tea Break - Fitting with tip 1 I have a routine every evening of around 7pm to make myself a cup of Clippers Green Tea* or their Sleep Easy Tea* if I am wide awake. I find hot drinks very relaxing and totally prepares you for bed. (Just maybe not the coffee)

4. Do Something Therapeutic - If your mind is elsewhere after 8pm then it's beneficial to do something therapeutic. For example, buying yourself an adult colouring book and spending an hour or so before bed colouring. It definitely takes your mind off any worries and relaxes you at the same time.

5. Get Prepared - This one I often suck at and that is being organised the night before. If you've got work or college the next day it is worth meal prepping, sorting out your outfit and washing your hair the night before. If everything is sorted before you go to sleep you are definitely going to be able to sleep worry-free.

6. Sleeping Mask/Spray - A new tip that I find works really well is spraying some sleeping mist onto your pillow just before you hit the hay and zoning out with a sleeping mask on. The sleeping mask I like to use is by the brand Ooloom* which is an online site that sells a variety of different animals sleeping masks to help you get a better nights sleep. You can even purchase a dream journal which is amazing and something I wish I had thought of buying years ago as I quite like researching what my dreams mean on the dream meaning app.  

7. Little Touches - I always find that if you dim the brightness of your phone, light some candles and turn down the volume on your TV you are definitely in a chance for a better nights sleep. If your TV is blasting your more focused to be wide awake and if any lights are bright it can be harder to shut off.

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How do you get a good nights sleep??

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Last Minute Halloween Makeup

When it comes to Halloween I take my hat off to those who take the time to research, practice and plan their outfit in advance. Every year I tell myself I'll do the same and instead I am rushing around last minute pulling together some sort of 'creation' with mostly my makeup and some black outfit because black is scary right? 

Today I wanted to put together a quick post on some of my makeup staples that are perfect for Halloween for those of us who don't have the time or just don't really like dressing up, but want to get into the spooky-spirit.

When it comes to creating a frightening face you definitely need a bold eye look so a palette I'd definitely recommend is Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares. This palette is full of adventurous shades that you'd never really touch for your everyday makeup. This palette is perfect for creating a Halloween look as it has all the shades you could possibly need and for £4 you should definitely have it in your collection. I always associate eyeliner with Halloween, I guess it's from previous cat makeup looks I've tried and failed with over the years. You could definitely create an amazing makeup look with eyeliner, even simple designs like spider webs, stitches or some sort of skeleton look. If on the off chance I wear eyeliner I always reach for Soap&Glory Supercat Liner as this creates such good makeup looks without the hassle of smudges or mistakes.

I've included my Too Faced Sweetheart Blusher because this blusher has amazing pigmentation and what's Halloween without going a little ott on the makeup? Even if you were dressing up you could always use this if you were dressing as a clown or a rag doll.

Halloween makeup isn't complete unless there is something going on with your lips so I've included three budget-friendly Makeup Revolution Lipsticks. If you weren't wanting to dress up but wanted something bold on the lips, then what's more daring than a green lipstick? This and the purple shade is from Makeup Revolution's 'atomic' range and only costs £1. I think these would look great if you were to dress up as a unicorn or a clown, very bold and quirky so great for Halloween. I have also included a very deep purple lipstick that shows up as black, from MR's rose gold collection just in case the green was too daring. This shade goes really nice with a smokey, bold eye to look so definitely a one to grab if you want something not too in your face.

What is your Halloween look this year??

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn Beauty Picks

Autumn Beauty Picks
Now that it's Autumn and all the festivities are almost upon us, I have started to switch up my skin and makeup routine. Although I do find it hard to say goodbye to my bright, pastel colours, it's time to say farewell to those and hello to deep red and purple lipsticks and shimmery eyeshadows. 

These are the beauty picks I have been using quite a lot recently.

Colours associated with Autumn are mustard, purple, gold, brown and taupe. I've been reaching for two eye shadow shades in particular from H&M in the shade Ginger Snap which is a shimmery gold, ginger and Mojave which is a more subtle shimmery taupe. Both of these are great for everyday wear in Autumn, they're not the most pigmented eyeshadows in the world, but for everyday wear, they do the job. I love H&M eyeshadows they are so inexpensive and have a large selection to choose. Also on the topic of H&M, I have also been reaching for one of their nail polishes in the shade Decaf, which is a deep mustard/brown toned shade very fitting for Autumn.

I have been going for a more bronze/natural look with my makeup if I wear the Ginger Snap eyeshadow, I just find a subtle nude lip compliments it nicely. I've been reaching for my NYX Lip Cream in the shade Abu Dhabi, which is a lovely brown/nude shade. Nyx Lip Creams are amazing for staying in place and are so easy to apply. If I am feeling more daring I reach for Mac's lipstick in Rebel, which is a deep purple matte lipstick. I love this shade it is very flattering on and these lipsticks, in general, are moisturising which ideally you need that extra blanket on your lips during the cold months. I haven't been wearing much blusher recently but when I do I have been reaching out for my Hourglass Blusher in the shade Luminous Flush. This is a very subtle pastel pink shade that looks perfect with a natural makeup look and a purple lip. If I am wearing a deep lip shade I don't like to overdo it on the blusher.

Who'd of thought hand scrubs were a thing? I have been obsessed with the LUSH Salted Coconut Hand Scrub recently. This leaves my hands feeling so incredibly soft and smelling amazing, I always like to pop this on right before bed. I have also been reaching for Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil and popping a little bit of this onto my face just before bed. I use this on those days my skin is lacking something but I don't know what and instantly I wake up with fresh, rejuvenated skin.

What are your Autumn beauty picks??

Thursday, 20 October 2016

5 Body Essentials For The Colder Months

5 Body Essentials For The Colder Months
Usually, I get a little lazy with keeping my body hydrated during the colder months, simply because it is just too cold to be standing around half naked for 5 minutes applying products. I'm now a changed woman. Lately, I find myself reaching for body products more frequently and have now got myself into a little routine.

Today I am sharing what my top 5 body essentials are that do wonders during the colder months.

Grounded Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub
I am sure you are all aware of coffee scrubs, they are something original and unique that is very beneficial. This scrub is available from Boots and they come in a variety of flavours, I, of course, went for chocolate orange purely because Christmas is upon us and I want to be using exciting, nostalgic products. As you take a shower/bath you apply this scrub all over your body/face and let it sit for a while before you simply wash it off. These are incredibly messy scrubs, but the results are amazing, my skin always feels incredibly smooth after I have used this.

If I can double up having an extra layer of hydration then I will do it. The Nivea In Shower is the perfect product for upping moisturizing. If I am having one of those 'I can't be bothered' days, then I will go ahead in the shower use a normal shower gel and then apply this all over my body and rinse off. I love this product as once I am towel dried I don't feel the need to apply lotions. This product sets me off for the rest of the day and I just love that you can use it in the shower.

I like to reach for the Fair Squared Shower Gel before I apply the Nivea In Shower, which smells amazing. I love shower gels that smell yummy and leaves your body nice and hydrated which this product does. I also really like using the Shaving Soap* for shaving, some products leave my skin feeling dry but this doesn't and it again smells amazing. Fair Squared is a great brand to check out if like organic products that don't contain all the good stuff.

For those days I can be bothered to moisturize my body after a shower I like to reach for this product. This smells so lovely and really helps not only keep my skin hydrated but relaxes my body too. I like to apply this just before I hit the hay and I always wake up with smooth skin.

LUSH Coconut Hand Scrub
This coconut hand scrub is something else; I don't even think I've got a hand scrub in my collection. I love anything coconut and this just screamed at me for whenever my hands are feeling a bit on the dry side, I like to wet them and scrub them with this. I am left with very smooth and coconut-smelling hands and I cannot recommend this product enough if you suffer from dry hands, you could probably get away with using this on your feet too.

What are your body essentials for the colder months??

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bath & Body Works Candle Dupes

Bath & Body Works Candle Dupes
My apologies for being a little afk with my blog lately I've kind of fallen out of love with blogging so I needed a break for a few weeks. I am back now and eager as ever to write lots of autumns, festive blog posts and what better way to come back then to come back with a cheap and cheery candle dupe blog post.

Someone posted a photo on Instagram a couple of weeks back of these Bath & Body Works candle dupes from B&M. I mean it is probably a good thing not having a Bath & Body Works store here in the UK as my money would just fly out my hands, so I, of course, had to check out the dupes in the meantime. 

When I popped into B&M I was amazed at how many autumn scents they actually had! I picked up Apple Orchard, Brown Sugar Spice, Black Cherry Merlot and Radiant Red Apple (which I've already used). I was almost tempted to get the famous Marshmallow Fireside candle, but I couldn't bear the overly sickly scent. These candles cost you £2.99 each which is such a bargain considering Bath & Body Works are around $20. Since my trip at B&M, I've seen photos of wintry scents on Instagram so I will be making another trip there soon!

I was surprised at how good these candles lasted, to be honest, I thought with them being quite cheap they'd not last long, and yet they did! They give off a very subtle scent that isn't too overpowering, but enough that when you walk into the room you can instantly smell them. I really like these candles and I can see why everyone is rating them well.

Have you tried these candles yet??

Sunday, 25 September 2016

My Top 3 La Roche-Posay Products

My Top 3 La Roche-Posay Products
When this skincare brand first came about the beauty fanatic that I am was all for trying the oily to spot prone skincare range out. Some of the range has really made a difference to my skin over the years and some of it I still use in my daily routine to this day. La Roche-Posay has recently launched the Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant Light* which is a blemish control efficacy with sheer coverage, proven to reduce the appearance of imperfections and unclog pores. I have been trialling this out and already I absolutely love it, so I've decided to write what my top 3 LRP products are.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant (light) | 
I was really unsure about this product when it popped into my letterbox, a tinted product that also controls imperfections? Hmm. This little beauty not only helps diminish the appearance of imperfections, redness etc like the original Effaclar Duo does, but it also adds a tint of colour to your skin too. I have been applying this on those days where I want to let my skin breathe but, want something on my face if I leave the house for a bit. I've also been wearing this occasionally to the gym if my face is feeling a little rough. I apply this with my fingers like I would with the Duo and it blends into my skin instantly, the colour is perfect for my skin too. It definitely helps reduce the appearance of imperfections, I've noticed any spots or redness isn't as noticeable when I wear this. Overall this is an amazing invention and exactly what I've been looking for!

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Mist | Full Review here
Having mentioned this before I won't go into too much detail but basically, this is a mist that you spray onto your face if you have oily to blemish skin. I absolutely love this and I am always spritzing this on my face to freshen up with. It has definitely helped calm any access oiliness that my skin may have down and kept my spots at bay. I love this mini bottle that has been launched too, it is perfect for travelling or popping into your bag especially if its really hot and your skin is feeling this humid weather the UK has suffered with recently. Overall I would recommend this mist if you have oily to spot prone skin as it definitely makes a difference plus it's a lot quicker to apply than creams and oils.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo | 
I am sure you, your mam, your grandma and everyone else you know is using this product by now it has definitely been raved about on social media over the years. When this first got launched I was obsessed with it, I was seeing results after day one and it definitely helped with my scars. I still to this day like to use this whenever I have a bad breakout or any redness/scars that a previous blemish might have left me with. This is basically the Unifiant Duo but without the tint, so you can imagine how good the tinted version is. Overall I would definitely say everyone should have a tube of this in their skincare cabinet if you suffer from the occasional breakout as it does wonders.

What is your favourite LRP Product??

Monday, 19 September 2016

Brand Focus: Benecos Makeup

Beneco makeup
I mean, who doesn't absolutely love a budget-friendly, au natural makeup brand right? I was kindly sent a lovely surprise package from Benecos filled with stunning makeup products to try out. I have heard and mentioned Benecos in a blog post before so I was so excited to try more of their range out.

This is a natural cosmetics beauty brand that is animal-friendly, BDIB certified and have a colourless eco look. If I'm being honest when I read the term 'natural' I do sometimes make a quick judgement and assume they won't be as wonderful as some brands, but this really made me think differently.

Bronzing Duo £4.15 | Link
This bronzing duo did take me back a little since I am quite pale and this doesn't look like my shade. However that didn't stop me trying it out, it reminds me of Solar Powder by S&G in the sense it blends in so nicely to how you want it to look. That rose hues shade with the warm brown gives you a lovely sun-glow effect perfect for a sunny holiday.

Natural Lipstick 'First Love' £3.90 | Link
This lipstick really excited me as the shade is something I tend to reach out for quite often. These wonderfully creamy lipsticks nourish, protect and soften your lips with active ingredients including jojoba, sunflower oil and organic beeswax. This lipstick shade really matches my skin tone well which makes it the perfect everyday lip.

Natural Lip Gloss 'Natural Glam' £3.73 | Link 
Not the biggest of fans of lip glosses but this shade really struck me to give them a try more. These are wonderfully nourishing lip glosses that give your lips a berry-tone gloss and don't leave you with a sticky texture. I think this is perfect for those 'no makeup' days or over a nude lip, I really love this gloss!

Mono Eye Shadow 'Forget Me Not', 'Apricot Glow' and 'Soft Vanilla' £2.49 Each | Link
I think out of everything the eye shadows were what I was sceptical about since I've found a lot of inexpensive shadows tend to not be as pigmented or stay in place for long. These softly shimmering eye shadows are the perfect subtle shades for a natural look. These are very powdery and go onto my lids so easily without having to reapply. I love the soft vanilla shade as a base eye shadow I use this all the time now and it just stays in place all day. I can see these being a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

Nail Polish 'Hot Summer' £3.23 | Link
The nail polishes are not a natural cosmetic product from Benecos but that didn't stop me from trying it out. This shade is perfect for summer! The shade is very rich and looks lovely on my nails, it somehow makes them look healthy. It dries fairly quickly and stays in place for a few days without chipping.

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Have you tried Benecos out yet??

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Top 10 Fashion Hacks

Top 10 Fashion Hacks
I am always on the lookout for simpler solutions to everyday things whether that's beauty, fashion or even health-related. When it comes to beauty I've pretty much hit the nail on the head for conquering those crafty little hacks so I decided to take my hacking brain elsewhere and move onto the world of fashion. 

I have found these hacks online, in books or word of mouth.

1. Blow-dry Tight Shoes
This is a hack I've picked up from working in fashion and it's such a good tip to know for breaking in those shoes. If you pop fluffy socks on and blow-dry your new shoes this helps stretch out any tight shoes. So always go small never big on shoes!

2. Spray Hairspray On Tights
Nothing more irritating than discovering you have a ladder going up your leg and nothing to fix it with. Spray your tights with some hairspray especially the areas prone to rips, I am sure nail polish does this hack too.

3. Pretty Tights Under Ripped Jeans
I haven't tried this hack myself but I think this would look so pretty when the weather gets chilly. Some lace tights under a pair of ripped jeans sound quite stylish and unique!

4. White Wine To Remove Red
This is a classic hack every girl probably already knows if they love wine and have experienced a spillage on their favourite dress. If you spill red wine onto your clothes try applying a bit of white wine to neutralize the colour and stop it from absorbing. Happy drinking!

5. Nail Polish Stains
So you have some lovely silver rings that are starting to rust, pop some nail polish on the inside of your rings to stop them from turning green.

6. Hide Your Bra With Clips
Triangle bras are bang on trend at the moment so why not paperclip the back of your bra straps together to create the illusion of a stylish bra, also this just helps disguise the bra straps.

7. Pop Your Necklaces Through A Straw
Despite this looking absolutely hilarious and random if you pop your necklace through a straw it stops it from getting tangles which is such a pain!

8. Razor Those Bobbles
Wanting to wear your favourite jumper this winter but it is covered on bobbly bits? Not to worry just grab your razor they will remove all the bobbly bits!

9. Shaving Cream Removes Makeup Stains
Nothing worse than wearing a clean white blouse and by the end of the day you find makeup stains all over. Apply shaving cream to the makeup stains and it'll help shift them!

10. Heel Blisters
Apply clear deodorant to your heel if you ever feel as though you are going to get a blister!

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Girl Tries Nivea Men's Shaving Balm

Girl Tries Men's Shaving Balm
Never thought I'd see the day where I try out a Shaving Balm for men I mean, I'll use my boyfriends Nivea Face Wash if I stay at his but other then that I stick to my own facial products. After reading so many great reviews on Nivea Men's Shaving Balm for keeping your makeup in place all day as a primer, I finally decided to see what the hype was about and put this balm to the test.

I haven't grown a beard, yet.

You can pick this balm up pretty much in any drugstore or supermarket for around five pounds so not at all expensive or difficult to find. I decided to trial this product out on a day I was off from work but still went out as I wasn't sure how my skin would react to it. Once moisturized, I went ahead and applied this all over my face and down my neck. It has a creamy white, almost runny consistency and the scent isn't the best, it definitely has that manly scent to it which I'd usually like but it also smelt a little bit sickly as well. It blended into my skin very quickly and didn't leave me with any sticky or tacky finish which I was expecting. It doesn't reduce the appearance of imperfections or pores like most of my primers do so I was sceptical on how my makeup was going to look during the day.

I went ahead and applied the rest of my makeup and I must admit my foundation glided on so much nicer and effortlessly than normal. When all my makeup was applied I did notice my skin had a little bit of a healthy glow to it, I have oily skin anyways but this balm gave me a little healthy glow where the sun naturally hits my face. Once ready I went out and got on with my day keeping a tab on how my makeup was holding up throughout.

4 Hours Update
Once I checked my makeup I noticed my face looked a lot more dewy than normal. Usually, I go all matte with my makeup but this balm has definitely made me think twice on embracing more of an oily, dewy look. I really like how my makeup has that healthy glow to it. However, it did feel as though it would get a little bit shinier during the day so I popped a bit of powder onto my forehead and chin.

7 Hours Update
By this point, I did notice the tip of my nose was starting to melt, but this was the only area on my face that looked as though it was melting off. Therefore this could have been my own fault not the balm as I may have missed applying it to the tip of my nose as everywhere else looked fine.

9/10 Hours Update
As I was taking my makeup off I definitely noticed my makeup was still pretty much in place and nothing had budged since the last time I checked. I am really quite impressed with how this product has turned out. However, I did find once I removed my makeup my skin felt a little bit greasy so I am worried that maybe this could make my skin more oily if I was to use it all the time and maybe even spotty.

Overall though I am really impressed with this balm it definitely kept my makeup in place all day and I only touched it up once. I loved how it gave my face a dewy, healthy glow it's definitely made me rethink how I'd like my makeup to look. I would definitely use this again on those days I know I will be wearing makeup for a long time, but I don't think I'd wear it every single day purely because I think it will make my skin more oily than good.

Have you tried this balm out yet??

Sunday, 4 September 2016

5 Reasons To Buy Flowers & Giveaway!

Candyfloss Carnations | Blossoming Gifts
Candyfloss Carnations | Blossoming Gifts
I am such a typical girl when it comes to surprises and to be honest I partly blame my boyfriend, since he's surprised me so many times over the years with lovely flowers and even went to the extent of having the courage to surprise me on my 18th birthday with a bouquet of roses in front of a whole bar full of strangers and my family. I don't know what it is about flowers but they can really lift my mood and put a smile on my face.

I was kindly sent these Candyfloss Carnations from Blossoming Gifts* and they have got me smitten. These handmade stunning flowers are a traditional favourite of beautiful pink and white carnations with a twist of daisy, lovely for any occasion. These really brightened up my room and instantly lifted my mood. After a week of having them, I went to London for 3 days and I was tempted to depot them since I figured they'd be dead when I got back, uh these little beauties stayed alive for just over 2 weeks which is amazing for flowers. Just goes to show not all flowers die instantly! I wanted to write a little post on 5 reasons to buy flowers as I personally think they make a great gift and I also have a beautiful bouquet to give out to one of you too!

1. Mood Booster - Freshly cut, bright flowers instantly can improve your mood. You could come home from a bad day at work and instantly feel less stressed or if you have just passed your university degree flowers can make you feel like you've achieved something.

2. Great Home Pieces - Buying a bouquet of flowers and spreading them around your house can really make a house feel more like a home, especially if they smell lovely and look eye-catching.

3. Create Memories - Flowers can not only create new memories but let you relive ones that have already happened before. For example, if I was to buy daffodils it would instantly remind me of spring and nice weather.

4. They Keep The Peace - Had a fight? Flowers can really help keep the peace or break the ice with your partner or a loved one.

5. They Smell Welcoming - A fresh bouquet of flowers have a lovely floral scent to it and it's really welcoming/relaxing to have that smell to come home to.

There are lots of other reasons why buying flowers are worth it but those are what stand out most for me. Blossoming Gifts have kindly given me the opportunity to host a giveaway where one of you could win a bouquet of up to £35 of your choice from their website.
Giveaway Rules!
  • UK Giveaway only
  • The giveaway ends on the 19th of September giving you just over 2 weeks to enter
  • The winner will be notified via Twitter or Email and must respond within 3 days of being notified - if not it will be given to another entry
  • Please don't follow and then unfollow I am aware of how common this is so I will be keeping an eye out for any funny business!
  • The more media you follow the more chance you are to winning!
  • And lastly good luck!


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Drugstore Makeup Tryouts

Drugstore Makeup Tryouts
As much as I enjoy splurging out on high-end makeup it is always nice to try drugstore makeup in the hope it'll save me an arm and a leg. Recently I've been a little bored of my everyday makeup so I picked up a few bits n bobs in the hope that they'll rekindle my love for makeup again, and they did!

H&M 'Smoky Nude' Eye Palette | £9.99
An eye shadow palette was one of the bits I picked up in my haul and so far I am impressed. This palette is ideal for little trips away as it contains all the shades you need for both day and night, I took this palette to London with me. The shades aren't amazingly pigmented but they do stay in place all day long and give you the perfect neutral look. I always pick up palettes like this as I think they're so handy for travelling and for every day.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation | £7.99
When you use a product for so many months your skin can become immune or you stop seeing the benefits and this is how I felt towards Double Wear. I decided to try a cheaper alternative foundation to wear every day and keep DW for those special outings. I decided to try L'Oreal foundation after reading lots of great reviews, but I was worried about the shades. I picked up the lightest shade and surprisingly it was perfect for my skin! This gives light to medium coverage and leaves your skin with a lovely smooth matte finish. This feels a lot lighter on my skin than DW ever has and it stays in place all day, I sometimes even forget I have makeup on that's how smooth it feels. I am really impressed with this foundation and I will continue to use this since I will be saving over £20!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | £5.99
This concealer has really high ratings online which was the biggest reason I decided to try it out. After reading so many amazing reviews I was expecting positive things, but to be completely honest I didn't see it. The shading was too yellow toned, it did nothing for coverage under my eyes and it didn't really cover blemishes, as well as some other drugstore concealers, do. I am going to keep trying it and see if it makes a difference with the L'Oreal foundation but on first impressions, I am not blown away.

Collection Define & Perfect Brow Powder | £4.19
When it comes to brows I prefer filling mine in with a pencil/tip as you have much more control over how defined you want your brows to look. I picked up the Collection D&P Brow Powder after watching a tutorial on Youtube and really liking how easy it is to use. When I went to purchase if they didn't have a blonde shade in my local Boots so I went for brunette which is a little bit too dark for my brows so I have to comb it out a bit with a gel brush. Despite the shade I really like this product it definitely defines your brows to how you want them to look, it is incredibly easy to apply and makes your brows look on fleek!

What drugstore makeup have you been trying?? 


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